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Adept I

Crashing video driver Ryzen 5 2500U Vega 8 HP x360 laptop

This ia a brand new laptop: HP ENVY x360 15.6" 2-in-1 Laptop - Silver (AMD Ryzen 5 2500U/1TB HDD/8GB RAM/Windows 10) purchased 2 weeks ago at BestBuy.

More Information (BestBuy page)

  • 2GHz AMD Ryzen 5 2500U quad-core processor and 8GB RAM deliver solid and reliable performance for everyday computing and smooth multitasking
  • 1TB hard drive provides tons of storage space for your most important files, photos, music tracks, videos, and more
  • 15.6-inch IPS micro-edge WLED-backlit edge-to-edge glass display with 1920 x 1080 resolution is multitouch-enabled allowing you to create and compose with a stylus pen
  • AMD Radeon Vega graphics ensures optimal performance for all your gaming marathons


HP ENVY x360 - 15-bq108ca - HP Store Canada

Well, truth is its performance is everything but solid and reliable. Forget optimal performance as well. From day 1 video driver is nothing but trouble. This is my 4th laptop (3 exchanges) all for display and video related issues. Original video driver crashed continuously on all 4. Disappearing desktop, auto changes in resolution, flicker, black and white screens, random reboots.

Driver package is marked 17.7 in Radeon Panel. Driver versions are 22.19.655.0 Oct 5. HP website lists a (newer?) video driver 22.19.655.2 Rev.A dated also Oct. 5. Updated driver from MS (via Win10 update) is 22.19.655.1 dated Oct. 9 (!?). Which one is the latest??? The one with the latest date or higher numericals?

Anyway, I tried them all. All equally unstable, all displaying the same erratic behavior, all having video playback issues (YouTube and local) with pixelation (pink and green), freezing, stuttering, rebooting... I've had them all. Updated to latest BIOS v.13. No change. Uninstalled drivers in normal way as well as using AMD cleanup utilities... no change. All 4 laptops factory installed drivers and all crashing for the very same reason and in exactly same scenarios. Performed full HP recovery on one to start totally fresh, factory setup again, noting gets better.

All video related stuff, YouTube behave the same... or rather misbehave in every imaginable way. Never had a comparable piece of junk software (read: video driver) in my hands before. This is totally unpredictable. Blows up any moment. Original driver 655.0 showed also terrible banding. 655.1 improves on that that but video playback and stability is no better.

I'm wondering what AMD is going to do to fix this problem. Laptops are out there, sold and waiting for any sign of support. But there's nothing coming so far…

How is this possible that new freshly release CPU and chipset has so many problems, yet no effort has been made, no announcement of any kind of upcoming fixes?

Are we supposed to cook our own drivers...? Complaints on HP support forum result in HP sending to AMD... Where will AMD send me now, back to HP?

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The HP latest driver which is 655.2 < This build is very very unstable causing my laptop unable to boot up.

I went back to Dell driver which is much stable than all the HP driver.

Dell driver - 23.20.768.0

HP driver - 22.19.655.2


No, HP latest driver is 22.19.655.1B. - 20 nov 2017 and your 655.2A - 05 oct 2017  see diffrents?

Dell driver unstable - doesnt work brightnes control after hibernate.


So weird... Version number higher should be newer.

Now HP support assistant tell me my DELL driver isn't latest version....

damn it AMD just release the display driver for 2500U & 2700U... god damn it. all the driver aren't stable at all.


Looks like this forum is not the right place to show it. Put it on YouTube, Instagram, everywhere with a nice headline how wonderful AMD newest baby performs. Let the world see and judge for themselves. Soon people will be avoiding HP Ryzen and any AMD products like plague... Instead of talking to the wall what's wrong with displaying how Ryzen performs in real life, at the hands of a paying customer, not a paid (free computer or laptop) reviewer, a customer who spent the money trusting advertising crap and hoping to be taken seriously. This is my first and last HP and AMD for sure. I like its design, but design alone is not yet a working computer. It needs a beating heart... and this one called Ryzen is severely deficient and crippled by AMD and HP neglect. So far no one from AMD took any interest in Ryzen stability and performance issues. No sign of it. This is what we get... so let them have it.


Please, do get rid of the HP bloatware that comes with the laptop ... One

of my first steps was to reinstall the laptop with vanilla Windows.F.e.

that crap HP Coolsense (or what was the name) was turning my ENvy into a

jet engine EVERYTIME !!! I had to disable it to get a quiet laptop. It was

loud even at idle with that crap turned on....

Maybe that's your problem, you are using HP drivers. Believe me, Windows

update has EVERYTHING that you need for the laptop to work.


Great minds think a like, although i have only had the laptop for 3 days i was disappointed that the drivers from HP including on their site was dated oct 2017, but the drivers them selves was from mid sept i had some stability issues but so happens to be due to the game i mostly play "Stellaris" which apparently doesn't work on Vega but turns out you can use OpenGL so a workaround atleast. So proceeded to update Windows to the creators/fall then had issues with audio tried latest from HP still same issue, in that when resuming from habitation audio doesn't work. However downloading Realteks drivers R2.82 resolved that issue, still disappointed with AMD's drivers but after upgrading Windows it used it's own drivers slightly older 9th sept it was more stable but seeing video posted on youtube of 18.3.1 showing good performance uplift i wanted more... like anyone else i guess.

Tried but got errors like everyone else even tried through device manager, but then saw some people say they got their to work with 18.1.1 so tried that updating through device manager and worked then though i thought i might be pushing it and tried 18.3.2 and that worked. worked great in games but the computer would hard lock when playing videos with the Windows video player, figured it was the software. Since it was still using the old cat software, i randomly tried installing the different setup.exe but didn't work intill i saw your post of the specific location for it. Good thing is when i installed these drivers and software i got a pop saying freesync capable display, which funny enough with the Windows and HP drivers said it was not capable...  Still have the same issue with the windows video player crashing however, but since you said VLC worked i am using that and it too works fine. So thank you haplo602,now the update seems worth it.

I see with the new drivers there is a app setting for Stellaris so gonna give that a try in native DX9 and see if it works now. It does so it's fixed the compatibility issues so i can play the game now without the work around of using the OpenGL command line.

Journeyman III

Version 23.20.817.0 at 08.01.2018 is more stable than default HP.  It's fix my virtualization troubles posted here: atikmpag.sys BSOD 116 on Ryzen 2500u


Just another bit of information that I discovered today: My laptop was

crashing after boot in Windows (and my wifi was connected even thou I have

automatic connection disabled). It was the HP Mobile Data Protection sensor

(in Device manager under System devices). I disabled it to not load the

driver, no more crashes since.

As I have an SSD, that driver is useless anyway. That might be also the

problem with installing the drivers. As usual, HP software kills their

otherwise good hardware.


You mean HP 3D driveguard?

So far no issue for me, only the display driver still unstable..

Using 23.20.817.0


last update from my side, I am on Adrenaline 18.3.4 with one issue, after

shutdown and startup backlight control is not working and Windows will

crash due to a bugcheck event in the display driver. However with the next

reboot everything works without problems (youtube, games, backlight control

etc...) for hours on end ... system is rock stable. I concluded I can live

with that

Seems to affect a cold start only (i.e laptop powered down).

Adept I

Ya, AMD is totally ignoring Ryzen Mobile, to an astonishing degree...

Every single AMD Dev that answers question in the forum/reddit, doesn't even reply (even when they ask for feedback), there are a few people who have purchased every Ryzen Mobile system to do performance reviews and the wonderful performance increase and less buggy (but still buggy in other-ways) gameplay point to a GREAT FUTURE, if AMD gave 2 s***s about Ryzen Mobile (the Youtube videos of these Glitchy as all hell drivers are pure gold).

On the flip side, AMD has ALWAYS had EPICLY HORRID Mobile Driver support, especially with HP, so after taking the "HP Customizes the Drivers" statement everyone tries to use as a defense, I did a comparison of files to the other drivers from other MFG (who are also behind in Driver updates), guess what, identical in cases where the driver version is the same (where it counts, the actual driver files excluding MFG installer), so HP is doing.... 0% driver customization as far as I can tell OR, AMD is doing the driver customization for all at the same time to at least make it look like the other MFG touched it somehow... with that said as HP hasn't touched these actual driver files at all, where the hell are the updated drivers from AMD!

Side note, everyone tries to use the "get from laptop MFG" comment, so I decided to do a test, the IT Department where I work still has (but not using thankfully) old P4 desktops in storage, so I asked to see the laptops (never again for either), I went and did a simple Windows 2 Go install on a USB (32bit because old and also no UEFI), did a search on nVidia's website, FOUND DRIVERS, and INSTALLED DRIVERS, for systems back to the GeForce Go 8400m GS (2007 in case you where wondering) all the way to recently decommissioned 600m series nVidia chips, works like a charm, you do get the warning on download that your laptop MFG may have made modifications to drivers for other non mainline features and to get from them if they matter to you, but THEY WORK, they are UPDATED and there are ZERO drivers from AMD for this period for Windows 8/10 (even the "beta" legacy drivers that never went final)... I tried a few Intel graphics driver's, but those where rather hit or miss, or had drivers but stopped at Windows 7 for that time period, which is still acceptable VS what AMD is doing.

Look, I get it, VS the other MFG, AMD's R&D budget and team is small, but, Ryzen and Vega are your bread and butter, and as a LONG TIME (literally my first CPU) fan, PLEASE FIX THIS, you search for Ryzen Mobile on AMD's website and you get like 3 results, and they link to each-other... my next stop is nVidia if AMD cannot get this fiasco sorted out and I HATE nVidia


Seriously this thread is dead and AMD haven't release new driver after so many months.....

This shows how useless this forum is and what kind of support you can expect from AMD. Anytime a difficult issue gets posted the scenario repeats itself, all forum "experts" are gone and the AMD pretends this forum doesn't exist. They watch how many are really not happy and voice their opinions, and more importantly how many put up with this in silence.

The problem is confirmed on retailers forums/opinion boards as well, it is legitimate. If anyone ever needed a proof what AMD's products are worth, this is it.

That is one last reason for me to never again trust my money to AMD and HP. That won't happen again. I'll stick with Intel.

Adept I

Version 23.20.817.256 is very stable. Got it from windows update catalog.

After disabling hardware acceleration in web browsers. The laptop has been rock solid stable for more than 2 days straight. Didnt have a single crash yet after it.

The hardware video portion of the driver seems to be the culprit for these crashes.

Adept I

I prefer reading than writing, but buying a €750 hp envy x360 that crashes doesn´t feel good guys. I´ve never had AMD before, fortunately, and I find it disrespectful how the company thinks and treats us. I do not ask for updates every 2 weeks, I just want a stable driver. Am I asking too much, dear AMD?

Adept I

I have the same stuttering and crashing video issues for 6 months now since I purchased this laptop... only happens during video playback or games.  I cannot blame AMD since their drivers have been great for all other parts, but HP controls the quality and driver release on this and AMD is not applying enough pressure to ensure their flagship APU parts are well-received. AMD should just end their partnership with HP


I am running BIOS version F17 and installed all current updates and I am having no issues on Windows 10.  The performance is quite snappy.

On the linux side, the drivers have not caught up yet (at least with Fedora 28 Beta). I will be testing that some more.

Adept I

Dell Inspiron 13 7375 here, same issue - no updated drivers and the preinstalled are December 2017 unfortunately.  I really wish the Adrenaline drivers contained mobile as well...


I have now loaded all available updates with Fedora 28 Beta. Have not seen a lockup yet.  Will keep all posted.


I am waiting on a new SSD to test F28 ....


Hi all, I still have had zero issues on Windows.  With Fedora 28 and all updates as of 5/4/2018 I do still get occasional freeze if I am running something like glxgears.  I do know the mesa developers are working on it for the Open drivers used for Linux.  Patience is required. I have done a lot of open software development and it takes time to weed through these things with new hardware.  These things are very complex.

Journeyman III

I managed how to install the latest 18.5.1-may23 using the native installer (no forced install, no INF modification) since it  natively supports many 15DD devices (which are our Vega 8 / Vega 8 Mobile series.

Here's how to:

After extracting the installer you need to modify the installer configuration in Config/CIMManifest.xml

I replaced the entry #27 of the devices (which had a 15DD Vega 8 but of a different Subsystem_ID) with the same text in the original HP driver installer:






<td>RV B8 15W FP5 15DD_REV_C4</td>

<td>AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Mobile Graphics</td>


After this patch, the installer recognises the video card and can install all the software. Since the INF of this driver version also contains these 15DD, and the compatible Device ID driver matches this one, the driver setup is successful.

This is the only more recent driver that I found that doesn't crash after standby. At the first boot after installation, when switching from dimmer to whiter images, the screen goes a bit crazy switching from many luminance and contrast combinations, I think it's a sort of auto-calibration for the screen parameters with this driver.


Have you had crashes ever since?


Unfortunately, I have seen issues with even this driver on the HP ENVY x360. In my case, the driver behaves correctly in general day to day use... until you try to play video. In Microsoft Edge specifically, video tends to pixelate in a green corrupted manner at the start but then play correctly afterwards. What ends up happening to cause a crash is that a second video is played after the first video completes. Browsers like Google Chrome work fine. chrome://gpu in Chrome shows that the devs for that software have apparently seen this issue in other AMD drivers and have a workaround in place to avoid video pixelation (which apparently leads to BSODs here!).

So far I have only attempted testing on 4K video from YouTube, but this is still a game stopper. I have not seen crashes from other activities like using Night Mode or by putting the computer to sleep. But I haven't had the driver installed for more than a couple days. The crash I get is a 0x119Bug Check code, "dxgmms2.sys" and "watchdog.sys" seen in the mix. Clearly an issue with DirectX and the system watchdog not being able to see if video decoding is still occurring. With that said, when the BSOD occurs, I see the video up on screen and the BSOD in the background of the video, so definitely a programming issue still.

Seems we can't win with these drivers right now. The original driver the laptop shipped with, and posted on HP's website would crash just out of the blue when surfing the Internet. I could reliably trigger it to crash by running OpenCL Applications on the GPU. But gaming or video watching was stable, as well as resumption from sleep.


Normally I use chrome, but actually some days ago I noticed that in MS Edge there are still this problems related to video rendering. I had many problems with the Netflix application (frequent video corruption / random system hangs / "application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware") but with this version looks almost stable.

So still some crap, but better than before.


I installed it yesterday and I can confirm what you said fellow. Had already 2 freezes so far.

Unfortunately, Ubuntu 18.04 freezes too! When I got some time I try to follow brauliobo´s advice with idle=nomwait

Journeyman III

In linux, for freezes, check, basically you need idle=nomwait kernel parameter to fix all hangs (from


So to have full system stability we have to wait for a new BIOS from HP! They did frequent BIOS updates till May (despite the video card driver updates that never come), so I think that it will come after September...


I just finished a 6 hour test running three sessions of glxgears with no failures using "idle=nomwait" in kernel command line.

This is on Fedora 28, Linux version 4.17.4-200.fc28.x86_64, Ryzen 5 2500U HP Envy laptop. Latest HP BIOS. Kernel from normal Fedora Updates.

Without "idle=nomwait" this test fails in about 20 minutes.

Adept I

Hi all,

After the windows updates, I constantly got the BSOD for the video_scheduler_internal_error since after waking from standby and FINALLY got it stable and no more BSOD.

My fix:

1.  Download the latest Radeon™ RX Vega Series drivers for windows 10 (I downloaded the Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-Edition-18.7.1-July12)

2.  Run the download like you would regularly.

3.  During the install, extract the files to the root of C: (The install usually does that already)

4.  During the install, an error will pop up saying "Error 182 AMD Installer cannot properly identify the Graphics Hardware".  Then exit out the installer.

5.  Go to device manager and scroll down to display adapter and update the driver. 

5a.  Select "Browse my computer for driver software"

5b.  Then click "Let me pick from list of available drivers on my computers" and then click  "Have Disk" and then navigate to the folder C:\AMD\Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-Edition-18.7.1-July12(or whatever version you download)\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\B330925  and then click open and then ok.

*Note:  you're pretty much looking of a .inf file.

5c.  It usually highlight it for you on the spot, but if it doesn't scroll and look for "AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Graphics" and then click next.  An update driver warning will pop up saying "installing device driver is not recommended...."  but ignore and click yes.

6.  Computer may restart but it will then install the graphics software and hopefully no more BSOD for you anymore as well.

I hope my guide helped.

hi, i am just trying to do that but after restarting when start to install

i get unknown hardware AMD


Hello, that's normal for the installer. It's actually funny that it tells

you it cannot ID the hardware instead of the HW is not supported by the


The actual driver is unpacked in C:\AMD, you have to install manually via

Device manager (there are several HOWTOs in this topic).


xpres715 wrote:

hi, i am just trying to do that but after restarting when start to install

i get unknown hardware AMD

The hardware undetected bug is normal issue for this installation. You're really just using that installer to UNPACK what you need onto your system. Here's a snippet of some steps I've written up, previously, in regard to the issue.


Step 3: Install Graphics Driver

Install and run win10-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-edition-18.7.1-july19.exe file (if you get 182 Error, that's fine. Continue with next steps)

Follow prompts for express install

Open Device Manager

Go to Display adapters -> Microsoft Display Adapter (AMD RadeonTM) Vega 8 Graphics, whichever shows)

Right click -> Update Driver -> Browse computer for driver software

Click "Let me pick from a list of available..."

Click Have Disk..

Open C:\AMD\Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-Edition-18.7.1-July19\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\CO331246.inf file

Scroll down large list to AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Graphics, and click Next

Install driver and Reboot

Step 4: Install Radeon Adrenalin Edition Settings

Open Windows Explorer

Navigate to C:\AMD\.. folder

Search "ccc2_install" and click on found exe file

Follow prompts to complete install.

Done (Restart Optional)

This Resolves..

Discoloration while playing back footage. (Adobe Premiere Pro)

Windows crashes with video playback after waking from Sleep State (Windows 10)

"Application blocked from accessing hardware" bug (Windows 10)

Final Cleanup

Now that everything is stable, another Windows Update may try and rollback all the hard work you've just completed. You'll need to turn that off.

Go to Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> System

Click on Advanced System Settings

Under Hardware Tab, click Device Installation Settings

Change Automatic Installation Settings to No

Save Changes

From this point on, you will be solely responsible for any Hardware Driver related downloads. I'd recommend a software, like DevID, to accomplish this in the future.


Yeah thank you but i have done this) But problem with step 4

Step 1: Scrub AMD drivers from system

  • Boot into Safe Mode
  • Run DDU v17.0.9.1.exe
  • Follow "recommended" prompts
  • Restart PC

Step 2: Install AMD Chipset Drivers

  • Install and run amd-chipset-drivers18.10.c.0601.exe file
  • Follow prompts to clean install
  • Restart PC

Step 3: Install Graphics Driver

  • Install and run win10-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-edition-18.7.1-july19.exe file (If you get 182 Error, that's fine. Continue with next steps)
  • Follow prompts for express install
  • Open Device Manager
  • Go to Display adapters -> Microsoft Display Adapter (AMD RadeonTM) Vega 8 Graphics, whichever shows)
  • Right click -> Update Driver -> Browse computer for driver software
  • Click "Let me pick from a list of available..."
  • Click Have Disk..
  • Open C:\AMD\Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-Edition-18.7.1-July19\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\CO331246.inffile
  • Scroll down large list to AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Graphics, and click Next
  • Install driver and Reboot

Step 4: Install Radeon Adrenalin Edition Settings

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Navigate to C:\AMD\.. folder
  • Search "ccc2_install" and click on found exe file


After this step i get the same thing( unknown hardware AMD)


I don't want be presumptuous, so I will ask transparently. Prior to Step 4, you've already scrubbed your drivers (In Safe Mode) using the DDU app? You then installed the AMD Chipset 18.10 Drivers BEFORE anything else? If you've done Steps 1-2, this should leave you with a decent base to install from. The install of the AMD Display 18.7.1 Driver is more of an unpacking/extracting than an immediate install. It will unpack onto your drive first, then try to begin the install process. In most cases, the install here will throw a 182 Error for not being able to properly detect your hardware. That's because, after that initial extraction, you have to MANUALLY install this driver through Device Manager by using the EXACT steps mentioned in Step 3. You won't be able to properly install the AMD Settings mentioned in Step 4 until everything prior is followed to a "t".

Check and make sure that, after that manual driver install from Step 3, you are on Display Driver 24.20.12019.1010 (See below).

amd driver version.PNG

Once you've confirmed this, you should be able to do the search, in the "C:\AMD.." folder for the install file "ccc2_install". That window should look like this (below), and not require a restart after the fact.

amd settings install.PNG

Is this (the above image) the point where you're getting this error? Or, are you actually getting it during the extraction and install attempt of the AMD Display Drivers from Step 3?

Please let me know so I can help as best I can. My exact computer is as follows:

Product Name: HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15m-bq1xx

Product #: 1KS90UA#ABA

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2500u with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx 2.00 GHz

Current RAM: 8 GB

Current OS: Windows 10 Pro For Workstations (Version 1803)



I'm having Acer aspire 3 Ryzen 2500u , even after installing 18.7.1 not able to play videos.

Used clean unistall to remove everything and then manually installed 18.7.1 , should it be done any ohter way??

Should I first install 18.5 drivers or anything else??

Adept I

Hi, HP ENVY x360 15m-bq121dx BIOS F.17, WIndows 10 1803, Adrenalin Edition 18.7.1 working flawlessly. Since 18.5.1 no more problems. Forced install via device manager as explained on above post. HP sp88730 23.20.826.1792 still problematic, uninstalled and installed 18.7.1. Hope it helps.


Hi, 18.8.1 brought BSODs again so I went back to 18.7.1 with no problems.



I can confirm seeing similar behavior. 18.7.1 is quite a solid release. 18.8.1 wasn't giving me BSODs but it was definitely encountering a high number of issues centered around video deciding.


Great, thanks for sharing.