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Adept I

Crashing video driver Ryzen 5 2500U Vega 8 HP x360 laptop

This ia a brand new laptop: HP ENVY x360 15.6" 2-in-1 Laptop - Silver (AMD Ryzen 5 2500U/1TB HDD/8GB RAM/Windows 10) purchased 2 weeks ago at BestBuy.

More Information (BestBuy page)

  • 2GHz AMD Ryzen 5 2500U quad-core processor and 8GB RAM deliver solid and reliable performance for everyday computing and smooth multitasking
  • 1TB hard drive provides tons of storage space for your most important files, photos, music tracks, videos, and more
  • 15.6-inch IPS micro-edge WLED-backlit edge-to-edge glass display with 1920 x 1080 resolution is multitouch-enabled allowing you to create and compose with a stylus pen
  • AMD Radeon Vega graphics ensures optimal performance for all your gaming marathons


HP ENVY x360 - 15-bq108ca - HP Store Canada

Well, truth is its performance is everything but solid and reliable. Forget optimal performance as well. From day 1 video driver is nothing but trouble. This is my 4th laptop (3 exchanges) all for display and video related issues. Original video driver crashed continuously on all 4. Disappearing desktop, auto changes in resolution, flicker, black and white screens, random reboots.

Driver package is marked 17.7 in Radeon Panel. Driver versions are 22.19.655.0 Oct 5. HP website lists a (newer?) video driver 22.19.655.2 Rev.A dated also Oct. 5. Updated driver from MS (via Win10 update) is 22.19.655.1 dated Oct. 9 (!?). Which one is the latest??? The one with the latest date or higher numericals?

Anyway, I tried them all. All equally unstable, all displaying the same erratic behavior, all having video playback issues (YouTube and local) with pixelation (pink and green), freezing, stuttering, rebooting... I've had them all. Updated to latest BIOS v.13. No change. Uninstalled drivers in normal way as well as using AMD cleanup utilities... no change. All 4 laptops factory installed drivers and all crashing for the very same reason and in exactly same scenarios. Performed full HP recovery on one to start totally fresh, factory setup again, noting gets better.

All video related stuff, YouTube behave the same... or rather misbehave in every imaginable way. Never had a comparable piece of junk software (read: video driver) in my hands before. This is totally unpredictable. Blows up any moment. Original driver 655.0 showed also terrible banding. 655.1 improves on that that but video playback and stability is no better.

I'm wondering what AMD is going to do to fix this problem. Laptops are out there, sold and waiting for any sign of support. But there's nothing coming so far…

How is this possible that new freshly release CPU and chipset has so many problems, yet no effort has been made, no announcement of any kind of upcoming fixes?

Are we supposed to cook our own drivers...? Complaints on HP support forum result in HP sending to AMD... Where will AMD send me now, back to HP?

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Adept I

Hello, I have the bq100nc version of the laptop (256Gb NVMe SSD, otherwise the same). I have found out the hard way, that the Windows update driver for Win10 1709 is about the only one working properly on my specimen.

The big difference is the LCD panel. There are about 4 different panels in these laptops, BOE, Chi Mei (the one I have), LG and AU Optronics. Some of them support FreeSync (LG, AU) some of them don't (BOE, Chi Mei). It seems that some of them will work with AMD Adrenaline drivers 18.1.1 and 18.2.1 (HP Envy x360 Vega 8 with Adrenalin 18.1.1 Drivers : Amd ) and some don't (mine does not).

I'd suggest that you get HWinfo and check the panel. If it is NOT LG or AU, return the laptop.

My Chi Mei version works with HP drivers and the ones that come from Windows Update for 1709 windows 10 version (HP site has only 1703 for Raven Ridge but 1709 for Kaby Lake).

The only way is to pressure HP to release newer drivers, and it is up to AMD to apply that pressure as the Envy was the main marketing driver ... It is tainting the great performance of the APU now.


Mine is BOE. Color is OK but backlight bleeding is excessive, not acceptable, tried several, Chi Mei is yellowish (no decent white). I liked LG and AUO too. Just couldn't get it/find it, only on display. Would like to compare to LG, AUO in terms of bleeding. Impossible in store.

I've seen LG's on Intel ver. of x360 but not on Ryzen. AUO only on 13 inch HP's.

Could you elaborate on panels and your take on quality?

To check the monitor/ panel type there is no need for HWinfo, you can do it in Dev. Mgr.

Monitors >> (properties) >> Details >> Hardware Ids


You have a two week old laptop and the manufacturers graphics drivers don't work?


"AMD recommends using the graphics drivers provided by your notebook's manufacturer as the manufacturer has customize the drivers to support the built-in display and the features and functions specific to the notebook. Customized graphics drivers are available for download from the notebook manufacturer's web site."

"If the current operating system (OS) is not the OS originally installed on the laptop, it may not meet all the requirements and compatible graphics drivers may not be available. Please refer to the laptop manufacturer for supported OS and graphics drivers for your specific laptop."

"AMD provides a reference/generic graphics driver for AMD Mobility Radeon & APU graphics with limited support for notebook specific features and functions. This is not intended to be used as a replacement for the notebook manufacturer's driver."



Are you a bot ? If not, please collect some facts before replying.

The time I own the laptop has nothing to do with how long the laptop is on

the market. AMD CEO Lisa Su bragged about the laptop last year November, so

it is available for at least 3 months. Also on the HP website for the Envy

x360, the Intel variants have GPU drivers marked for windows 10 1709 (fall

creators update) while the Raven Ridge ones are still marked 1703. There

were at least 3 driver versions from AMD in the timeframe. For a new

product, early drivers are always buggy and missing some optimizations, I

get that. But if they are not updated (HP sleeping for some reason) then

early adopters get pissed and some bad reviews will be the result (there

are multiple sites with negative or unconvincing reviews of the Envy x360).

That the best driver is from Windows Update is also a telling story. There

are numerous users on the internet showcasing success with 18.1.1 and

18.2.1 Adrenaline GPU drivers with a 15-30% performance increase over the

old 17.7 ... I bought the APU specifically for the advertised GPU and CPU

performance but I am denied the full potential because AMD is unable to get

good drivers out to the consumers. The HW side of the Envy x360 is superb,

I have no complaints there (which cannot be said about the past attempts

from HP). It's the drivers that are the huge issue...

You can see on HP and AMD forums people that have various problems with the

laptop exactly because of display drivers.




Display drivers that were changed/customized by HP to function with that laptop. They are not the same driver as what is offered by AMD. Anyhow, no need to argue the is what it is. Good luck.


Drivers are digitally signed either by AMD or Microsoft, not HP. They are written and released by AMD, not HP.

Customization? Where is it? It is a Radeon panel... and Radeon comes from AMD. It's an AMD's trademark, not HP, is it not? Not a single HP dll there.

HP is a conveyor belt, nothing more.

AMD has a history of poor support, playing deaf and blind, everyone knows that. This is not news.

Hope was, that having a new AMD CPU, first such release since a very, very long time, they will pay attention to detail and product quality.

Hope was, that reliability and functionality will not be compromised. Not the case, again.

Intel has excellent products and excellent, timely support. Will AMD ever learn to respect its customers?

Or will they just drop Ryzen prices, like they always do, to "fix" the problem.


Kingfish is correct about laptop drivers. OEM (HP in this case) uses Certified or Customized AMD drivers so that it will work within the HP Laptop's Heat and Power requirements. AMD Generic Laptop drivers don't take that fully into account since there are so many different types of laptops. AMD gets input from the OEM's so that AMD Laptop drivers will work on their laptops.

You may want to contact HP Support and ask them if you install AMD generic driver and not OEM drivers if your laptop is damaged whether it will be covered under warranty. I know that Asus said the warranty will be voided in that case. FYI according to another Forum that is pretty standard now a days.


You are correct in that sense that display driver is often also a chipset driver...

It is possible though to update only a display side of it. The case has been made with HP as well, but ultimately drivers come from AMD.

In its recovery panel HP lists a bunch of drivers and none of them (except for recovery software) comes from HP... chipset, display. sound, peripherals, all provided by 3rd party... so it's a lame argument that HP has some special, HP only, requirements. All Ryzen 5 2500U CPU products have the same driver , same with Intel CPU's.

Acer also released Ryzen laptops. Are you suggesting Acer has its own Radeon driver? That's laughable.

The reason for bringing it to AMD (forum) is to raise awareness, both on the side of users and AMD support. To flag an issue.

It's an AMD CPU, AMD chipset, AMD drivers performing on subpar level as compared to Intel or any industry standards, in public's eye at least.

And I want answers... and actions to have it fixed.

I tested 6 HP x360 laptops with Ryzen 5 2500U.

NONE of them could play a Youtube video as well as local videos without stuttering, pixelation and freezing.

Tell me this is normal. Is it AMD?

Am I asking for too much?


I've been experiencing display issues as well. It was once so bad, when playing a youtube video the laptop hard crashed causing me to force turn off my laptop to sort it. I've started a thread on the HP forums as well if any of you guys want to contribute.

Display Driver Issues - HP Support Forum - 6570679


It's sound weird. When you tell us this "OEM (HP in this case) uses Certified or Customized AMD drivers so that it will work within the HP Laptop's Heat and Power requirements."

How come AMD Radeon setting interface still checking AMD server for newer driver update? instead from HP?

And in the past those AMD support site for mobile driver can be installed on previous generation mobile display? How would you explain this?

AMD support site do list Notebook driver, but Vega mobile driver not listed.

I believe HP R&D aren't that stupid that won't follow the chipset vendor guideline when designing laptop and number of power phase are require for the ryzen mobile.

I have encounter same issue as above user. Playback Youtube will freeze sometimes and please do not tell me HP is the one written the display driver.

Best regards,



This person that posted this information used to head the Repair dept of a Laptop Manufacturer. This is his explanation as to why you should use the Laptop's drivers instead of the generic.

Please note this is from NVIDIA FORUM but the information is the same for AMD Laptops.

This is the only site your drivers should come from (All of them)

You have a laptop; you should not attempt to "update" the driver or OS unless it is specifically listed on the manufacturer's website under your exact model#. If not, then issues such as yours (or much worse) will arise. (ESPECIALLY with Asus, MSI, HP/Compaq, older Gigabyte, Sony, and Lenovo units)

This is because the OEM manufacturer is the manufacturer of the graphics device (card); not Nvidia, which only produces the physical "chip" to these manufacturers. Vram, PCB, VRM, trace, and cooling are all designed by the OEM manufacturer; thus is considered as "proprietary" hardware. In which; has it's own thermal and power limits that can be effected with use of 3rd party (vanilla) drivers and can damage or lower the performance of the hardware.

Run DDU to uninstall the "updated" Vanilla driver pack and install the driver via the laptop manufacturer's websiteunder your exact model#. Mobile units are not like their desktop cousins; thus cannot be treated as such. When using mobile platforms you want to ALWAYS use manufacturer approved drivers as they are often modified for use with your proprietary hardware; as well as, fit within your machines power and thermal limits. Do Not allow GFE or Windows to install your drivers for you.

As stated within the Nvidia driver patch notes since R304:

"This is a reference driver that can be installed on supported NVIDIA notebook GPUs. However, please note that your notebook original equipment manufacturer (OEM) provides certified drivers for your specific notebook on their website. NVIDIA recommends that you check with your notebook OEM about recommended software updates for your notebook. OEMs may not provide technical support for issues that arise from the use of this driver."

<<<Most Important>>>
"IF" your laptop model does not list Windows 10 drivers/Bios available for your exact model# on the "manufacturer's website" then revert back to the OEM OS!! (Also stated within #8 of the Forum Sticky)

-Download both the Nvidia driver "AND" the Intel driver found on Manufacturer's site (not here, not via GFE) under your "specific" model# laptop and save them to desktop.
-Download/install DDU
-Disable Automatic updates (switch off your wifi) if on Win10
-Run DDU completely removing BOTH the Intel and Nvidia drivers (in safe mode)
-Reboot when asked
-Keeping wifi disabled (again; "IF" on Win10) install the Intel Driver pack (required) as the Intel drivers must be fully functional "prior" to installing the Nvidia graphics drivers.
-Reboot when complete
-Then install the Nvidia driver pack
-Re-enable WiFi / Disable Automatic updates and alerts from GFE (only install drivers located on the manufacturer's website)

I am again repeating Kingfish copy of AMD Recommendation about installing its Generic driver in a laptop:

"AMD recommends using the graphics drivers provided by your notebook's manufacturer as the manufacturer has customize the drivers to support the built-in display and the features and functions specific to the notebook. Customized graphics drivers are available for download from the notebook manufacturer's web site."

"If the current operating system (OS) is not the OS originally installed on the laptop, it may not meet all the requirements and compatible graphics drivers may not be available. Please refer to the laptop manufacturer for supported OS and graphics drivers for your specific laptop."

"AMD provides a reference/generic graphics driver for AMD Mobility Radeon & APU graphics with limited support for notebook specific features and functions. This is not intended to be used as a replacement for the notebook manufacturer's driver."



Please do remember we are talking about an APU here, this is not a descrete

GPU, so the Nvidia situation DOES NOT APPLY !!! They have no APUs on the

market. In Nvidias case, yes they only ship the chip and template firmware

that the AIB customizes into a card. Again this does not apply in this case.

Ryzen 5 2500u is an APU with integrated graphics core, there's NOTHING the

laptop vendor can do to influence/customize/change the GPU part as it is

delivered as a single chip with the CPU. It goes into a socket or is

soldered to the MB that has to follow AMD specifications to the point.

Power delivery is also specified within some tolerances.

Basically there's nothing HP can influence or change that affects the GPU

part. Yes the Bios/firmware can be a bit different but that's basically

only because of the connected peripherals (battery, I/O, display etc).

Defending AMD position here or rather their inactivity is rather strange.

The HP ENvy x360 was the first laptop on the market with the mobile Ryzen,

it was what seems to be an exclusive deal for HP for some weeks. Was also

used by AMD CEO directly to promote the product.

The result consumers got: outdated drivers that don't even work for some

users, sub-par performance. Hardware is up to the task, all it needs is a

proper and working driver ... MIA !!!

I agree with haplo602 user comment.

As you guys said we have to use the HP provided driver and How do you explain that the driver is checking update from AMD server and not from HP?

HP have to follow the recommended PCB design, Power phase, Bios and other...

Best regards,



The fun part is, ALL the discrete GPUs that are designed by AIBs work with

AMD or Nvidia released drivers. And those are sometimes fully custom boards

that differ in bios and components. However an APU that the laptop

mnaufacturer cannot modify should not work? Explain that with some logical

arguments ...


Well ... I had an hour long session yesterday to construct my own driver

package by merging the 2. I took the HP provided .inf and .cat and replaced

the .sys/.dll/other files from Adrenaline 18.2.1 ... It installed actually.

However I have no way of checking the versions since I cannot find the

Opengl/Vulkan/OpenCL version details anywhere for 18.2.1 and the driver

package retained the HP packaging information of course

So it IS possible to update just the display driver, if you are lucky, it

will work via manual install/update in device manager. If you are unlucky,

you have to create your own driver package.

BTW the HP drivers seem to be unsigned anyway, when I reinstalled them last

time, I got the prompt about unsigned drivers ....

Adept I

After trying multiple drivers.. I found this -> Microsoft Update Catalog
To be the most stable...

You have to manually install it from the device manager.. using the "have disk ".

Thank you   The driver really make the system more stable and no more youtube black screen and game closing.


It might still crashes windows, but it a looot stable than other drivers (no more youtube black/green screen, pix elating ). It lists itself as compatible with the HP Vega 8 as well.
It seems to be driver provided by lenovo though.


Those are the Desktop Raven Ridge drivers, yes they work Tried them too



Nice to know. I may try it later. What does it show as, what ver?

What does Radeon Panel report? Can you post a screenshot of the panel and Dev. Mgr.?


I tried this driver from microsoft and it is not so good. I had crashes every 5 minutes, so I returned back to official HP driver, because with it I never had crashes, only some times problems with pixels in youtube.


I tested most of the driver.

Driver 18.1 unofficial - Unstable sometimes bluescreen during boot up or lag.

Driver  Microsoft - Unstable for 3D mode

Driver HP official - Youtube black screen on chrome, video playback sometimes will fail.

I am waiting for official newer driver. now i am stick back to HP official driver.


I found on reddit topic how to install adrenalin driver 18.2.3 (its named After installing SSD into Envy x360 I can no longer force install the RX Vega driver. Please help! ). Now I am on it. For few hours no crahes and with youtube everything is ok.

Also I benchmarked in Heaven Benchmark 4.0 in directx 11 mode with HP official driver and adrenalin 18.2.3 its about 6-7% gain in fps with adrenalin.


Wow, have you found a solution for that ? I have the Envy with an NVMe SSD

and have exactly the same problem ... I was not able to solve it ...

Adept I

I have been using this laptop more than 1 month and no display driver update so far. The driver is very unstable.


Latest update on my end: I'll stick to the 2400g/2200g vega driver. After

reading the reddit post about SSDs, I was able to install the 18.1.1

Adrenaline, but that's it. Any newer version fails with Request not

supported. Also after each reboot, I have to reinstall the 18.1.1 as the

display brightness control stops working (and the display dims from max


With 17.40 2200G/2400G I have stable everything and also display brightness

works after reboots.

I am giving up on this. Waiting on Linux 4.16 kernel and moving there as my

main OS. I won't bother with Windows anymore except for 2 games .... HP and

AMD have seriously dropped the ball here ... the HW is nice and plenty

capable, it's the drivers that suck as usual (this is the long running

theme here with AMD, HP is even worse).


On reddit new topic with a new driver for ryzen mobile from dell. I didnt try it yet, but ppl like it. It solves many previus problems on hp envy. Today I ll try it.


Can you share the link here?


Dell has 2 Ryzen laptops in the pipeline.

Inspiron 13 7375 Support for Inspiron 13 7375 2-in-1 | Drivers & downloads | Dell Canada

and Inspiron 17 5775 (no support link on Dell yet).

Both with Ryzen 5 2500.

Drivers are available - links below "view driver details".

  AMD Chipset Driver

Video07 Feb 2018 

Version: 17.400.0 ,A00

Release Date: 07 Feb 2018

File Name: _AMD-Chipset-Driver_J3WDC_WIN_17.400.0_A00.EXE

File size: 310.19 MB

Description: This package provides the AMD Chipset Driver and is supported on Inspiron 7375 that is running the following Operating Systems: Windows 10 64-bit.

Restart required

   View full driver details

  AMD Graphic Driver

Video13 Feb 2018 

Version: 23.20.768.0 ,A01

Release Date: 07 Feb 2018

File Name: _AMD-Graphic-Driver_T3NPK_WIN_23.20.768.0_A01.EXE

File size: 228.6 MB

Description: This package provides AMD Graphics Driver and is supported on Inspiron 7375 running the following Operating System: Windows 10 64bit.

View full driver details


I tried Dell Graphic driver: display brightness control stops working after computer wakes up and in youtube got black screen.

For now I tried all exist AMD drivers and works well on my laptop only HP original drivers and 17.40 2200G/2400G (but here no AMD control settings).


When you unpack any of the driver versions, you can install the Radeon

settings (ccc-next) from the path Packages/Apps/CN/CNext/ amd them pick

your variant (32 or 64-bit).


Yes, you can install, but it doesnt work properly. If you go to gaming/global settings its crashing. So. now I am only on HP driver.

Anybody tried sotheng else and is it work well ?


In my case original 655.0 driver was unstable + video artefacts (local and YouTube) + banding, in monitor test... like Eizo test

the only driver w/o banding, in my case is MS driver via MS Update listed as 655.1 (little less artefacts, or just a coincidence)

655.2 via HP update shows banding again like 655.0 + stability issues as the 655.0

Tried only these 3.

655.0 (original) at first looks almost OK but videos showing sky break up in lines (banding)

stability is one thing but proper 32bit color is another.

Banding reduces color to 16bit alike and although it may appear OK at first, it is a crippled ver. or 32 bit color.

For me banding makes it absolutely unacceptable.

Use some monitor testing software before making your judgment.


I am waiting for newer and stable driver from AMD..


I have managed to install 18.3.2 Adrenaline ... here's the steps I used

(windows 10 64bit 1709) - without network until step 9 so download all

required packages up front:

1. Uninstall driver for the graphics via Device manager ... select the

Radeon Vega Mobile entry, right click, Uninstall driver, select the

checkbox to also delete driver files. You should end with Microsoft basic

display driver

2. reboot

3. uninstall the AMD software via Control panel/Settings - this will

uninstall also the touchscreen driver and the lid sensor - don't panic when

touchscreen does not work

4. reboot

5. Unpack and install the 18.1.1 driver via Device manager/Update

driver/Have disk etc ... select Radeon RX Vega (almost at the end of the

list), Yes the warning

- this should install fine, however it froze on me in the past, just reboot

and try again

- if it gives the Request not supported error, I have no clue what to do,

it installed fine for me

6. reboot

7. unpack and install the 18.3.2 driver via Device manager (same as 18.1.1


8. reboot

9. You will now have unidentified devices in Device manager, enable network

and let Windows Update look for the drivers, it should install all of them

(right click, update driver, select windows update)

10. Install Radeon settings app: go to the unpack directory and in

Packages\Apps\CN\CNext\cnext64 execute the msi package

11. reboot for good measure

Now you should have working 18.3.2. For me they are still stable after a

few reboots (display brightness control works) and I got some better

performance (not much but stable), youtube works, video playback via VLC

works as well.


Does brightness control works after you close and open display?

And can you enter in radeon setings>gaming>global setings?


Yes, everything works .... my previous attempts with 18.1.1 were all

failures ... even if the driver installed, after a reboot the backlight

control stopped working and I had to reinstall the driver. I had youtube

artifacts and crashes on opening Radeon settings ... now everything works

... I even ran 2x Unigine Superposition and Valley benchmarks and the

system held fine (did crash in previous attempts).

I don't have a clue why things work now ...


Good work (and news), congrats, shows some hope.

Could you test banding on Eizo test? Colors don't break up?

Keep posting your impressions.


I made everything how you wrote in instruction, but brightness control doent works after I close and open display.

So, this drivers not so good and I am back on HP drivers.