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Journeyman III

Crashing Issues with RX5600XT (MWII, ETC)

I have had a consistent black/green screen crashing issue for about a year now which seems to come and go, but these last 3 weeks it has been nonstop. I've tried so many fixes for the issue, none have had any effect, such as DDU, all types of graphics tuning, BIOS updates, drivers, undervolting/underclocking/overclocking ETC and NONE of them have had any effect on the crashing.

My situation seems a little bit different from those who normally have the black screening issue, as ANY type of movement inflicted on my PC usually guarantees a crash. All cable connections are secure, though I have noticed once in a while that adjusting the HDMI cord into the card sometimes causes a crash too. A black screen crash typically ends up in a restart which then causes a loop of random crashes from opening up different programs (google, discord) which come at random, and reports as a driver timeout whenever I am lucky enough for the display to come back after black screening. The loop of crashing is usually fixed by waiting a whole day or night until I get on at a later time, or reseating the graphics card (usually my solution).

I have laid the PC onto its side which seems to make the random crashes less frequent, though they still happen.

This is starting to piss me off as I have also recently bought MWII and I am not able to play a good 5 minutes of it, even on the menu screen, without it black screening and needing a restart. MWII seems like the best trigger for the crashing (besides moving the pc) though other large programs have also caused it (Sea of Thieves, Bloons TD).

Currently using drivers 22.11.1, I've tried older ones and stable ones and none have worked so I don't know what the root of the problem is.

I really don't want to have to go get the PC checked out but I will need to soon if I cannot fix this.

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