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Drivers & Software

Adept I

crashing issue catherine classic the game

hello i am here to report an issue that frustrates me, because with my nvidia gpu i didn't had such issue 

my current pc run the latest drivers and i use 

CPU: 5900x

RAM: 32 GB at 3200 speed

GPU: RX6900 xt aorus master

and my game catherine classic which is so light and easy to run crashes completely or it makes a white screen and play only sound please i want amd to fix this. 

also i have no issue in any other games so yeah i am 100% sure isn't hardware issue is software for sure please take a look at it i even send a bug report with my amd adrenaline. if some of you have similar issue tell me in the comments bellow 

2 Replies
Journeyman III

Hello! Try changing from fullscreen to borderless at settings, it solved this same issue for me

Adept I

i try and it not worked. the amd keep reporting issues to my radeon gpu with this game...