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Journeyman III

Crash driver msi radeon 5600xt

Hello, everyone!

Please help me. How do I minimize video card driver crashes? Driver crashes on almost all games: We detected a driver timeout has occurred on your system….

MSI AMD Radeon 5600XT Gaming X (I have version with updated BIOS)

be quiet! System Power 9 700 Вт ATX BN248

AMD Ryzen 3600

GIGABYTE B450m Gaming

Tried to solve the problem like this:

  1. Reset BIOS to default, updated to the latest version (Motherboard)
  2. I use two separate power cables for video card
  3. I installed different versions of drivers (Latest drivers, 20.2, 20.4, 21.1, etc.)
  4. The problem remains on windows 11 and on windows 10
  5. Tried to install a driver without AMD Software
  6. RAM, CPU default settings
  7. Put different energy saving profiles in Windows

Checking on the games: 

  • het loose let - driver fails with a error very often
  • the walking dead telltale - driver fails with an error very often
  • 7days to die - driver fails with an error very often
  • valorant (sometimes, but the driver fails)
  • MK11 (driver fails with an error when choosing a character)

Maybe I need to change something in the settings of the graphics card?

Thank you in advance (Please do not delete my message, I am in despair)

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Good day!
The main reason for this error is Windows DEP. Run a command prompt as an administrator and type bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff and press Enter. After that, restart your computer: the next time you log into this system, DEP will be disabled. The error will disappear.


Perhaps first start with troubleshooting if DEP (Data Execution Prevention) causing this behavior.
Using Windows Event Viewer is the first step.
Then it is possible to turn it off for a certain application or service.

  • Since DEP is a security function to prevent malicious code to be executed deep in the memory, it is not recommended to have it completely turned off.

Check this out for guidance:

If you want to turn DEP completely off, we advise only doing that as part of troubleshooting an issue. DEP is there for your protection.

Best regards from Sweden


  I absolutely agree, but this error is already 5 years old, AMD and Microsoft are well aware of it, but they are in no hurry or do not want to fix it. And the problem is not related to the operation of any program, but to the correct operation of the video driver of the video card, i.e. DEP prevents it from working properly.

Journeyman III

I can sometimes play 4-5 hours without a driver error, but sometimes only 30 minutes and then driver error. I don’t know why….

yes, disabling DEP changed the video card behavior, but didn’t fix the error

Now when the game crashes (due to a driver error), there are green artifacts, but the computer continues to work, but with artifacts (previously it was necessary to reboot it)

Any other ideas?

Could it be because of an upgrade of the BIOS to higher frequencies? What can be downgraded or overclock to Amd Software or MSI Afterburner? Maybe change the voltage or something?


As an option, try the luxm4n solution from this thread

Update EC FW update tool. In this case, you should contact Gigabyte technical support for a possible update.