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Journeyman III

CPU UTIL incorrect in overlay


I'm not sure if anyone else has reported this as I wasn't able to find an existing thread on it. I recently upgraded to Windows 11 and noticed that the CPU UTIL in the overlay does not match the CPU usage in the task manager (see video below). I'm using the latest adrenaline software (23.4.3) and the latest version of Windows 11 (22H2 Build 22621.1702).  I apologize if this is already a known issue. Thanks.

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Adept I

That issue is there for a long time for me from some 22nd year Windows update, have not reported it. In games it shows cpu utilization around 7% which is way too low.

Adept II

This is disappointing. My overlay CPU UTIL is also way off (50%?), so that it's basically useless. This happens to be a fresh, days old install of Windows 11 (build 22621), and latest AMD Software (23.9.1).

It seems AMD needs to modify some behaviors of the overlay, but they have not yet. There may have been some changes to Windows in 2022 if reports are correct (like this, also explains a workaround if desperate). Other apps can obviously read the value fine (AIDA, HWINFO), so AMD should be able to fix this... eventually. (I just noticed that my fresh install fixed a few things, like unnecessary "CUR" in temp, overlay toggles, so that's nice.)

Volunteer Moderator

I ran into this issue too. I just use HWinfo64 for my CPU metrics, and the overlay for GPU and RAM utilization.

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