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Couldn't use download manager to download AMD Radeon R7 240 update driver, and broken download can not be resumed. How-when-where to download driver Edition 19.1.1?


I use AMD Radeon R7 240 GPU in my PC, but currently i'm away from my PC and using this laptop. So i'm truly sorry if i'm lacking technical details in explaining my problem.

Recently my "AMD Radeon Setting" program notified me again of the availability of a new up-date, namely the Edition 19.1.1. I tried to download it automatically using the menu in the AMD Radeon Setting Edition 18.12.2 which i have installed, to no avail. I chose "Custom Install" which later opened the option of "Custom Upgrade", upon which after choosing to quit the program and download the update Driver nothing happened.

Then i opened the release notes option on the said program, which brought me to AMD official website, in order to download the said update manually. I tried to download the new Driver itself, and also tried to download the "Auto Detect and Install Radeon Graphic Drivers" file. Both failed.

I, for the umpteenth time, found the problem lies not in what version of my Driver nor my version of DirectX, but to the fact that:

  1. AMD company doesn't enable me to copy the link represented by the "Submit" or "Download" button so i can use some download manager programs to do the downloading process. So i had to revert to downloading the traditional way, which is by using my browser internal download manager, which is quite susceptible to signal interference and resuming downloads that are cut in the middle.
  2. The internet signal in my present area is not stable. Every time the download got interrupted, the downloading process stopped. Then i had to resume it, but either due to AMD company not enabling me to use download manager programs (which have better resuming capability) or that AMD company simply made it that way, each time i resume i had to start downloading from 0 kb again! It was as if all the incomplete data that had already been downloaded before the download got interrupted simply had gone! This really wasted my time and my internet quota which is expensive here in my country

I'm sorry, to put it shortly i couldn't download that up-date driver using download manager program, and each time the download got interrupted/broken, i had to resume from 0 again.

Could anybody with a good heart for the love of God help me? How-when-where do i suppose to download that driver? FYI, the same had happened to me before this instance. When downloading my present driver, the not-yet-updated-one (Edition 18.12.2), i had to spend whole night resuming download again and again. Only that time at dawn i finally succeded. But not this time.

Thank you.


Here are some technical details of my PC as far as i could recall. If further information from my behalf is required, please kindly inform me:

  1. Processor: Intel Core i3
  2. Mainboard: Gigabyte HDM61-S
  3. RAM: 8Gb
  4. GPU: AMD Radeon R7 240
  5. Browser: Opera
  6. Download manager program: Free Download Manager (FDM)
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