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Journeyman III

Constant crashing, black screens/green screens and overheating. - RX5700XT

I've had my rx5700xt for about 6 months now, and probably since day one I've had constant crashing, constant black/green screens and overheating. It's not a CPU or a GPU problem since I've had those before I had the issues when I had a rx580.

Constant Crashing
I'm a 3D artist, and I use a 3D modelling software to create artwork on it.  But almost every single time it either crashes or black screens. It's not even when I'm busy with it, it just crashes whenever I have it on in the background or when it simply boots up. And my PC didn't even feel that warm, so it wasn't a overheating issue, at least the times when I checked.

Black Screens/Green Screens
The same as above, go into my 3D artwork program and it just goes into a black screen and resets everything that uses any kind of graphical power. If it's black, it reboots the AMD software. If it's green, it reboots entirely.

I've been playing more Overwatch recently with my new GPU. Since this is quite a powerful card and it's an E-Sports game, I can easily put it onto max settings with 144fps. But every time that I do, I can cook an egg onto my GPU it's that hot. My GPU can literally boil water when on top of it. Overwatch just crashes the moment the rx5700xt reaches anything above 105C. Similar problems that I had were in Hitman 2, where on max settings the fans would be louder than nails on a chalkboard with 110C. No way that +100C is normal for any kind of GPU.

The 3D artwork problem with crashing arose when I bought a new 1440p144hz monitor, maybe something to do with that?
No idea on why all of this is happening, it just sucks that it has to be me. Hopefully the creators of the GPU can help with it, or the community using it. The card is great, but the drivers for it are lacking.

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