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Journeyman III

Constant BSODs on new Ryzen build

Before we start here is my PC Part list:

I built this PC back in the beginning of the month and haven’t had any success trying to troubleshoot as to why I’ve been getting so many BSODs. I have already replaced my motherboard and RAM, but they still follow along. Find the memory dumps below.


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Have set all MB, CPU Boost, OCs off? Have turned off any XMP MEM profiles? Checked to make sure all BIOS, Chipset drivers are the latest..?

Have unplugged then reconnected all MB, CPU, GPU power connectors? 

Completely wiping (Inc deleting partitions) and reinstalling Windows..?

Possibly make a Linux or Windows install on a spare HD or USB drive? Could see if it crashes while running a Linux kernel or seperate Win. Install..

Checked in BIOS temp page to ensure nothing is getting overly hot or any reported voltages are low..?

** Also could check in Windows admin tools, event viewer for any recorded critical error messages.

*** Are you sure that particular RAM is compatible with it..? From what I could see there was only one Patriot listed for 3600  and has no listed timings for any of them..? Make sure no XMP profiles are on, & could try just running one stick as a test?