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Adept I

Constant black screen and crash on Diablo IV with 6800XT (driver v25.3.2)

It's pretty much impossible to play Diablo IV with my 6800XT since after anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes in it will black screen the display and require a hard restart. After a restart the video card will not enable properly in Windows and the drivers need to be rolled back and reinstalled. This is with the latest drivers supposedly built for Diablo IV, 23.5.2. You can see many others having issues as outlined on the Blizzard boards:

I've also tried the previous version 23.3.2 and was able to play for longer, but inevitably it still reaches a point where it black screens, hangs, and requires restart and reinstallation. This is super frustrating and would love to have any updates on improved drivers. 

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Adept I

A follow-up: This seems related to VRAM leakage. I’m using the 23.3.2 drivers and I’ve noticed that as long as the VRAM is under 12 GB I can play without crashes. Once it gets above that I try to exit the game and relaunch it, which drops the memory usage back down. It’s an annoying way to play, but it mostly works for now.

Adept I

I've seen a few posts on this.

I'm curious do you have amd smart memory (resizable bar) on or off?

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Im not saying that its the original issue but did you do a disk check after the crash?? Your mft (file-index) might got hit during a page operation as DX tends to precache textures and assests to the page-file. 

I onze had a weird issue, all failed to fix until i performed an "chkdsk /f" and was able to repair an allocation belonging to the pagefile. Also instead of reinstall, try just clearing shader-cache.. that might fix the issue if you are able to boot windows & Adrenaline suite

Also, .. could you test with a lower res, or lower quality textures? .. that should keep you below 12GB Vram, and could be a good indication toward the root cause. This could be a game bug (optimisation for NV also used on AMD-HW), a driver issue.. or a even a chipset driver issue with SAM/REBAR.. (logic: at 12GB the card/driver&game will start clearing out obsolete textures and start loading other textures, or .. a (game) shaderprogram issue which starts to claim more and more memory, thus still running as it gets evicted)


I've been testing it with the hi-res pack uninstalled and that has dramatically increased stability. The VRAM usage is much lower (of course), so it aligns with your theory around some kind of memory management bug (game, driver, or otherwise). Annoying since there's obviously plenty of headroom on a 16GB card, but at least things are actually playable for now. Fingers crossed!