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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

Constant (audio)freeze bug, in most games

I had purchased and installed a new AMD GC about 5 months ago (XFX Double D R9 290X Black). There were not problems that arose from this until half-way into May.

The bug itself is rather hard to explain since it is different per video game, although the bug itself is not in all video games I've recently played. The bug is a combination of audio/music (music only depending on game) and loading/general freezes (but not crashes). I do not know for definite whether this is a problem with the GC, drivers, temperature (since my rig has bad air flow, although games usually stay around 65-75c baring FH which I have been playing at 80-85c although with potato graphics I can keep it at 78c) or my disks (two discs baring C. Disk D malfunctioned previously however works now, and is not the source of this bug). Therefore I will just explain the bug itself in the games it does happen in, and to what extent:

For Honor, Warframe and Smite do not have this bug, although Smite has had consistent short freezes (but this has been happening way before the new GC).

Path of Exile.

No past problems/bugs when it comes to hardware. 

Currently the game has consistent, yet infrequent (they happen, but when and how many times seems to be completely random. It has happened 2 mins apart, or 40 mins apart) freezes. The audio has 'looped' a few times however usually it will just freeze when doing 'x', with 'x' being any action you can think of. Whenever the freeze happens the game will freeze for ~7s, which always results in a dc from the server, resulting in the game being pseudo unplayable, which is disappointing since a new league just came out. 

Rainbow 6:

No past problems.

Numerous audio and loading problems. The audio will cutout constantly, then play x seconds later all at once. Exact same problem with certain hud elements (killboard, x vs x, operator icons, gun icons, player icons). Scoreboard and player profiles can take upto 20s to load (and with how the game works loading profiles results in you not being able to go out of it). Then the loading times (inbetween rounds) is horrendous, resulting in me not being able to choose my op, has been as long as 1 min. Baring that the only bugs in-game (that I've found) is not being able to shoot w/ drones (Echo, Twitch, Maestro). This seems extremely random, however *might* lead to an answer to what is causing this.

Dawn of War 2: R:

No past problems baring being a dead game.

Bug is present and fairly consistent. Game will freeze for ~6s. Audio can 'loop' then play all at once. Although I did have one time where I had this freeze every 10 SECONDS. However the game is playable (atleast against vs. ai).


No past problems. Runs very well baring consistent 40fps at the start of a race for ~5s then steady 60+.

Bug is present, music (specifically) constantly turning off, then turning on x seconds later. Weirdly, although this is most likely the game rather than the bug, the next track will be played after the time of the current song is reached, rather than the music itself ending. Sometimes exiting into the menu will lead to a 10s freeze, same with loading cars. Loading times are longer. 

Payday 2:

Never seemed polished nor optimized, mods didn't help.

Music will cutout, then come back x seconds later. Constant freezes in the menus. Frequently dcing my teammates.

Not too sure about my drivers, I downloaded recent ones from the official site (for R9 280x) multiple times. 

AMD software (Adrenalin) has my GPU as R9 Radeon 200 series.


Hopefully someone can link these bugs together and form a solution (or cause).

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