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Journeyman III

Conflict between Vivado and Windows 11 OneDrive

Hello, I am a Korean developer.

I am currently using Vivado 2023.2. The problem is that records are not preserved when I install it on a new computer.

Every time I open the Vivado program, all recent projects and settings are reset to default. While everything else works normally, this issue makes using the program very cumbersome.

After reinstalling Windows six times, I figured out the cause. When I synchronize the documents in OneDrive, then every time I open Vivado afterwards, all records are reset.

In conclusion, it seems that there is a conflict between OneDrive synchronization and Vivado. It's still usable, but very inconvenient.

I have ultimately installed the computer six times, and the phenomenon is the same each time. Even if I turn off the function after synchronizing the OneDrive documents once, the issue of resetting does not get resolved.

I believe that resolving this issue quickly would make its use much more convenient.

Thank you!

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