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Journeyman III

Computer malfunction

I've had this problem for about a day or so.
I was updating my drivers and mid way my computer bluescreened so i waited and booted it again and now its stuck on the opening tab and both my mouse and keyboards wont work.
Both my mouse and keyboard work in the ASUS safe mode but they seem to disconect while getting into the log in tab.
Sidenote: Im not very good with computers so this might be really easy to fix and im just dumb.
I Googled it and no one had the same issue.

Thanks for the help.

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Adept III

its okay to not be good with computers.
A small tip try to move your mouse and keyboard to another usb connector in the back.. typical you use the two usb ports in the top of the motherboard/back of your pc to connect mouse/keyboard.. reason is these are typical black meaning they are for "slow" usb connections such as your mouse and keyboard. It does sometimes matter how you plug these two cables into your pc, especially the keyboard.

if this do not solve the problem then while the computer is running try to remove the keyboard and mouse usb and connect it again ( while the ocmputer is running ) this will often make it work.

if you get stuck at the windows spash screen and nothing happen then hold ind the power button of your computer until it turn off.. when its off repeat.. do this 3-5 times in a row and the computer will trigger windows fail safe and in there you can under advanced settings somewhere select to revert your computer to another time or fix if it cannot boot and such things.
You maybe want to look on youtube foor some tutorials about windows safe mode

You can also get into this mode if you have a windows 10 on a usb stick.
You can download windows 10 for free and once finished then launch the software and it will take you though a step by step guide on how to download and put windows 10 on a usb key.
Once finished just leave the usb key in your computer and it should boot from it ( typical ) and you see some info about repairing windows 10
if it do not then when you computer boot up you can press "delete or del" and enter bios mode and in there find your USB key name and click on it now the computer should boot via the usb key and you see a screen with repair windows 10 at some point. ( some small text in lower left corner )

Download this windows 10 tool