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Journeyman III

Computer freeze


I ran into a problem. I bought new components for the computer. Installed, but faced with the problem of freezes. It happens that even when you start the computer, at the BIOS stage it freezes tightly and only a reboot helps. Sometimes it reboots by itself.

I wanted to download the game, but when opening the launcher Epic Games, the monitor turned off for a second and the computer froze. AMD Radeon software has exposed a driver error. During the boot, the computer may completely freeze and only a reboot helps.

I've even reinstalled Windows, it doesn't help. Please help me!

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 5600G

Motherboard: GIGABYTE B550 AORUS Elite V2

RAM Memory: AMD Radeon R7 Performance Series 8 GB

Power: be quiet! SYSTEM POWER 9 600W

SSD: Samsung 980 500GB SSD M.2 [MZ-V8V500BW]

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