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Adept I

computer constantly restarting till i disabled global c state control

i bought a b550i mobo from asus, i also bought a 5900x... ever since i put thing pc together and started trying to install windows my pc would freeze and restart even in the middle of formatting drive and installing windows, took me many tries till windows installed without a restart, even when starting up pc and idling would cause pc to freeze within seconds of making it to desktop. i had whea id 18 problems, it never seemed to freeze when running any kind of bench only at idle which is how i stayed logged into pc without  crashing for so long. over the course of the next 2-3 days i had been reading up and updating and playing with bios, it wasnt until i came across global c state control in cbp and disabled it did my pc stop crashing, its been up for about 4 days without crashing until today when i enabled global c state again in which case it crashed multiple times during startup and within about 20 seconds on desktop. my question is why would they enable a feature in bios that keeps the system from being stable and how or why does this c state feature cause tons of crashes.

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