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Adept II

Compatibility section of Radeon software fails to allow you to scroll down (no scroll bar) + no FPS capping of Open GL / Legacy games.

Read title.

I also find it kind of irritating that any games customised with different graphics / display settings are not highlighted as being edited in the game list. I could have two dozen customised profiles and I'd not be able to keep track of which ones were edited unless I manually starred/favourited them first (best not to forget, right?). Didn't previous versions of the Radeon software highlight game profiles automatically? Since the overhaul to the software I haven't noticed it.

Last of all, no native frame capping for Open GL or legacy titles means old skool games have to run at 250-500fps unnecessarily.

Unsurprisingly, the RX 580 is getting less and less love in driver updates, despite the fact it is still a monumentally popular video card. It seems the ever present 5700 XT issues is consuming the puny resources of AMD's driver division.

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Adept I

OH don't you worry, we have the same problem over here as well. It's just our problems in game are as constant out of game, when you're just flicking through web page tabs and BSOD or lost signal it tends to send out distress. All I wanted to do was play a game from 2008, technically 2004. Meanwhile I'm seeing guys can't even run Doom 2016 on their 5700s. If I were DR. Su I'd be dumping every resource I had in the driver area, these guys are selling more 2070 supers than Nvidia are..