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Adept II

Compatibility issues between AMD driver and Radeon cause black screen?

I built my new PC with old video card as below. But it always random black screen in low workload.Play game, burn in video card, cpu, etc., no black screen. NO OC. Even lock CPU at 3.7GHz, memory 2133mhz

My build:

AMD Ryzen 2700x

Prime X470 pro BIOS 4011 / 4008

g.skill f4-3200c16d-16gtzr

AMD R7 370 4G HDMI to TV, DP to monitor

EVGA G3 550W

Win 10 Pro x64 1803

I thought it's memory issue and RMAed Mobo and memory. The issue still there.

I swapped the PSU, the issue still there.

Reinstall win 10, issue still there.

Install win 10 on M.2 or sata ssd , issue still there.

changed DP, HDMI cable, still black screen.

Tried Mobo BIOS 4008, 4011, 4018, 4008 is most stable, few chance of black screen. But still black screen.

Tried AMD Radeon driver from 16.xxxx to 18.8.1, each black screen.

Tried AMD chipset drivers from 17.xx to 18.1, each black screen.

Uninstall all AMD drivers, including Radeon video driver and chipset driver, no black screen.

I borrowed a GT730 instead of R7 370. No black screen.

I swapped R7 370 back to old pc, and use the disk installed win 10 when it's on new pc. No black screen.


i5 2300

p8z68-v lx

G skill ddr3 4g*4

AMD R7 370 4G HDMI to TV, DP to monitor

corsair vX550w

win 7 x64 pro sp1 / Win 10 Pro 1803

So I've swapped everything, it's just a compatibility issue or I should change a CPU?

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Journeyman III

My situation:

New build PC with installed Windows 10 Home version

Monitor input from first HDMI (1st)

initially GPU card fan was spinning, but once finished installed AMD display driver, then monitor go to black screen & GPU fan stopped spin

when rebooted straight, that monitor to black screen (when boot to windows).

Google all the posts, but no solution & tried many suggestions but no luck.

Resolved :

Purchased addition DVI to HDMI cable & connected to monitor second HDMI (2nd)

finally able to see the windows screen & can AMD Radeon setting app

*still figuring how to switch back to HDMI (1st)

My build:

AMD Ryzen 2700x

Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 590 8G oc

Viewsonic VX3217-2K-mhd

hope this can help


Boy you got a good question there. It could be that for whatever reason on the one system you just need a bit more power ceiling for the card. So try this:

Radeon Settings/Gaming/Global Settings/Global Wattman: Find the "Power Limit" Slider and move it to it maximum.

If this doesn't help I think you are right and have either a driver issue, bios issue (is that up to date on the new motherboard?) or other hardware issue. At that point I would open a support ticket with Saphire or with AMD if they can't help. The link for AMD is on the contact us page of their website at the bottom.