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commutable graphics not work correctly

Hi, I've a notebook with APU AMD A10 8700p + dedicated radeon r7 m360 (OS is Windows 10 1709 64bit)

the problem is that with the modern radeon software settings, i can't choose which graphics card use for an application/game.

when AMD has updated radeon software (with version 17.7.x) has introduced the commutable graphics settings into the new radeon software (removing definitely the old catalyst software center).

but the commutable graphics settings inside the new radeon software, not works... if i try to force integrated gpu for an application, the software continue to use the radeon r7 m360, but i don't want use this gpu, i want use the integrated gpu.

now i'm using an old version (17.2.1), because is the only way to change correctly the graphics card.

someone else has this problem?

I've another problem, (i don't know if could be the cause of commutable graphics problem)... if my notebook BIOS is set to use UEFI, drivers not works (when i open radeon software i receive this message error "No AMD graphics driver is installed. or the amd driver is not functioning properly. please install the amd driver appropriate for your amd hardware”, to fix the problem i must set BIOS in legacy mode)

sorry for my english