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Journeyman III

Colors staying behind objects in videos

Hello, i'm having a very strange problem with my graphics card. It's strange because i don't think it's hardware-related. It doesn't happen every single time i watch a video and i haven't been able to identify a pattern or something.It just happens randomly. The fact is that when i am playing videos on the web (this problem doesn't occur while gaming or in OS animations), when an object moves or when the camera moves, the colors stay behind the object and then continue to follow it around until the object gets steady in the picture (until the color reaches the object the object is black and white).It only last for 1-2 seconds until the object stops moving but it's annoying as hell. It's hard to explain... I think this is software related because it actually shows up in screenshots. I've inserted a few examples here so you can understand it better. If you have any ideas i'd be glad to hear them. I must mention that i have the latest amd driver installed and my browser version is up to date.

example 1.pngexample 2.pngexample 3.png