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Colors inverted on ue4 games

Hello. This is not an isolated case. This is for all gamers with the sisetem of Intel 400 + AMD Radeon 7970m. I write only because I'm not lazy, unlike others, and because there are not many such systems like this. For the first time I ran into this problem in the pubg, then I saw it in little nightmares (Because these games run on the same engine).  So i'm got this problem (see screenshot). If you playing in windowed or full-windowed its ok, but in fullscreen mode start-up or alt+tab in game thats problem shows itself. (look at scrrenshots). The problem can be solved by changing the resolution in the game, but if you minimize the game, the colors are inverted again. So this probloem begins to manifest itself with approximately 17 driver versions or 16,5 I do not know exactly.  Earlier I used version 16.2.1 and everything worked fine for me, but the games were updated and eventually stopped working properly with this driver. Earlier I wrote to your friend and so I could not get an intelligible answer, and that's why I tried to find a solution myself and with the help of like-minded people. I think that there may be a problem with the depth of colors that could be changed in the old drivers (in the CCC), but in the new version of the driver there is simply no such possibility (see the screenshoot). My graphics on the system is Intel 4000 HD + AMD Radeon 7970m, and I believe the AMD has already forgotten about the support of a handful of users with such a system. I ask on behalf of all Russian-speaking and some US citizens, Europe, please understand this problem. Release a tweak that would allow you to customize the depth of color, or better just to update driver 7970m for work  with the Unreal engine 4. I will be happy to help you and will participate in the testing if it is necessary.

p.s. my driver version is 18.5.2

Thank you for your understanding!

Screenshoots and files:

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