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COD Advanced Warfare's cutscene lag

Since 1995, I have composed various products as a system builder. My system is stubbornly using AMD's CPU and GPU. Thank you for the AMD that always delivers satisfying performance.

There is a problem that has not been resolved since 2014. When COD Advanced Warfare was run in the configuration of the FX6800 and HD7850, there was a lag in the cutscene video and voice in the first run and the same situation in the Ryzen R5 1500X and RX580 configurations in 2017

The lack of this in Intel Pentium and GTX1050 2GB systems and PS4 should not be a lack of hardware specifications. I think it's an optimization problem for PC drivers.

The same problem with COD Advanced Warfare released in 2014 is that in COD World War2, which was released in 2017, the frame of the cutscene during the first run is significantly reduced.

As the Call of Duty series evaluates the performance of system and is also a favorite game for many gamers, I hope you will be interested in solving it.

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