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Adept I

Clean installation of Graphics drivers also removes chipset drivers, which need to be manually reinstalled afterwards.

Do you believe that is intended, and if so, why?

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Volunteer Moderator

If you have a AMD processor...and use the AMD cleanup utility? That's was the problem with it...and why it's not offered anymore. Intel processors with AMD graphics problem.

Community Manager

It is intended as a clean install is exactly that, a clean install of all AMD drivers. 

If you want to update your display drivers but without removing the Chipset drivers via add/remove programs, select Modify and you can then manually select the Displaly Driver, Radeon Settings, HDMI driver and Problem Report Wizard and uninstall them.

AMD cleanup utility is like using a sledge hammer to insert a push pin on a note board. Great if  really needed but should be a last resort approach IMHO. Not only does it remove all drivers AMD related that will include GPU, Chip-set, USB, Audio, network, anything that may be AMD related is the point. It also deletes any other files installed by AMD, so it DELETES ALL YOUR GAME PROFILES TOO. I spend hours getting my games setup the way I want, the cleanup utility and the GPU clean install deletes all profiles in Radeon Settings / Gaming. This is why I suggest starting with DDU as it only deletes the GPU drivers and leaves all others untouched. You can always use the more aggressive options later if DDU doesn't work. In my experience though it usually works great.

Journeyman III

Why do chipset and graphics drivers share a common installer? it's absurd.