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Citrix causes major problems

This is just a PSA: I have a brand new gaming laptop with an AMD Radeon 6700M and I was getting sub-20 fps performance in a number of games (GTA Trilogy, Age of Empires 2: DE, etc.). I spent countless hours uninstalling and reinstalling Radeon drivers, updating Windows, scouring forums, etc. etc. It turns out the problem was cause entirely by Citrix Workspace software, which a lot of people use for WFH. I uninstalled Citrix and my fps in AOE2:DE went from 16.9 fps to 90+ fps. I'm just posting this in case anyone else is experiencing this issue. Citrix is the problem!

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Good troubleshooting.

I suggest you open a AMD Service Request and let them know what you found out from here:

That way they can investigate how Citrix affects the AMD Driver in causing such poor FPS in games.

Great idea. I just submitted a report. If you Google Citrix and fps, a LOT of people are having this problem. Citrix Workspace destroys gaming performance.