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Journeyman III

Chipset wont install because not amd system

I recently purchased a Ryzen 5 3600x Processor and a B450M-K Motherboard for it

My main problem is that the processor runs at 100% speed while at 10% usage and 70c which makes the Wraith Stealth go fullspeed and its pretty loud

So i decided ill update my drivers see if that fixes it, download the chipset drivers off the mobo website, go to install them and i get given a message saying chipset drivers failed to install, intended for use on an AMD system only, which i am using?


Help is needed and much appreciated!

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See if you get the same error using AMD B450 CHIPSET Driver package from here:

Also download Microsoft Troubleshooter INSTALL/UNINSTALL Troubleshooter and run that to uninstall or install the CHIPSET Drivers.

Delete C:\AMD CHIPSET installation folder before installing the CHIPSET driver again.

You mentioned the Processor has a 10% Load and it has a Temperature around 70C? 

You might want to update the Motherboard's Non-BETA BIOS version to the latest if you haven't yet. That is what will affect your processor the most rather than the CHIPSET.