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Adept I

Chipset drivers doing microstutter !

Hello, my name is Buğra. I've been having a problem for a long time. but I solved it two days ago. I'm using ryzen 3600 and x470 motherboard.
If I install the current chipset driver from amd site, the game is microstutter. If I remove the chipset driver from the control panel, everything gets better. but this time I get blue screen errors. What should I do?
 Thank you for your help.
Note: Windows version 1909 and RTX 2080 are the latest driver.

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Adept I

Edit: you can see the problematic driver in the pictureEkran Alıntısı2.png

Journeyman III

Hi, i had the same Problem. Also X470 with 3600X 16Gb Ram with CL16 @ 3600 Mhz and RTX 2070 Super 

First I did the complete software route:
Windows Update 1909 de/installed

Chipset Driver de/installed

Realtek Driver de/installed 

And all combinations above, nothing changed.  

The culprit in my case was a CD/DVD Drive which was plugged into SATA but not to power. Somehow this caused my micro stutter. I disconnected the device from my Motherboard. The Problem disappeared. 

My Suggestion, reset all connections in your PC. Check. If this does not help. Remove connected devices one after the other and check every time if the Problem persists. 

I also got a lot of microstutter in different games. Tried your solution but it didn´t help. Regarding your blue screen try to boot into safe mode, completely delete the driver and do a freh install of it without the PCI option.