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changing wattman default setting


        I have an issue as the MSI AMD Radeon vega 56 air boost oc card has had its clock set to 1620mhz by the adrenaline software or the msi bios, the real clock is supposed to be 1520, is there a way to change the default profile to the lower setting to avoid issues with it crashing please?

I have made a profile, but it does not load as default on boot and I do not wish to have to keep loading a profile everytime I turn on the computer.

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    Mr Perforations

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This from a review site,

Perhaps contact MSI support, they may offer a solution/replacement(vbios ?) re the instability of that higher boost.

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thank you for the reply,

 I have contacted them via the forum, but if its the AMD adrenaline software at fault, I need to ask AMD.