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Change Your Driver Version in Registry to Trick MWII/WZ2 and Play with Any Version

Credit goes to @Patrix87 for providing this information in another thread but I wanted to make it front and center because it's working for me.

Disclaimer: Changing registry keys can harm your system, please don't go wandering anywhere else in there other than what is mentioned here below. Even then, please only do so if you are comfortable and know what you are doing!


You can trick MW2 by changing a registry key and running 22.5.1 (or whatever version is working for you) just fine :

- Install 22.5.1
- Modify the registry as Administrator : regedit
- Path : Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\{~RANDOM-UUID~}\0000
Key : RadeonSoftwareVersion
Value : Change to 22.11.1 or anything newer actually.


I'm one of many users where the latest drivers from 22.10.1 all the way to 22.11.1 introduced many bugs and crashes in other games and Photoshop (which I use for work). I've been using 22.9.1 for a while now since it is the most stable for my system configuration.

By changing the registry key mentioned above I've been able to play Warzone 2 today without issues or any crashes (unbelievable I know). In fact, the game is very optimized as it's running at an average of 110FPS with settings on High whereas Warzone 1 only ran an average of 100FPS on Low settings for me.

I'm using a Ryzen 5 3600 paired with an RX5700 and 32GB of 3200MHZ RAM on an X570 chipset.

Happy gaming everyone!

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