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Adept I

Cant watch recorded videos trough the software

When i record in hevc or avi i cant watch it because of missing extention.

Ive installed both the codecs trough store for both from ms but no difference.

Ive even tried to reinstall software and codec in different order, also a fresh install of win 11 pro but no success.


I can watch true vlc but i whant to use wmp or radeon software.


Also tried k-codec lite (or whats it called) dident help.


Were lies the problem ms or amd? Any suggest of fix?

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hmm you mean with adrenalin?

i use ShareX, i think it's easier. it asks if you want to install the codec it needs iirc and it works without a problem.

here's a sample 

anyway if u wanna try download it from their official website

also don't install 10000 codecs and players, it will end up a mess, lul