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Journeyman III

Cant install Drivers with no internet.

I'm trying to install network drivers for my new ryzen 9 7900x but I can't use the driver software without the internet. I downloaded the newest driver updater on a separate pc, then moved it to a USB flash and tried to install it onto my pc, it said I needed an internet connection to install it, but I AM MISSING MY GOD **bleep** NETWORK DRIVERS AND HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO CONNECT TO THE INTERNET (I also have corrupted ethernet drivers).

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Adept III

Download network driver manualy from ur motherboard website 

and if there is some corrupted files u can try open Cmd and type this command sfc /scannow


Adept II

"I'm trying to install network drivers for my new ryzen 9 7900x"

ehh no, you go to your motherboard´s manufacturer´s website and download the drivers there, optionally you have to find the ethernet chip used on your motherboard and download from realtek or intel their ethernet drivers. even then, what driver prompts to require a internet connection? that´s not normal and i think you downloaded something completely wrong.


what motherboard do you have?