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Adept I

Cant install any chipset drivers for "not having AMD system"


i am trying to update my chipset drivers on the ASUS B550f MoBo. ASUS website chipset drivers, AMD chipset drivers and AMD adrenaline auto-detect utility all give me an error message on launch that "This program is meant for an AMD system. (duh!) The program will be terminated because of system requirements not met." OK?

I had the previous version of chipset drivers installed ( but I cannot uninstall it on the windows 11 app screen since it gives me a message that "files are missing".

There is a log file being dumped after each attempt of uninstalling in C:/AMD/Chipset_software/logs, it says:

"10.02.2024 00:52 :: DetectFeatures : Checking sanity of C:\AMD\Chipset_Software\Binaries prior to uninstallation.
10.02.2024 00:52 :: DetectFeatures : Root folder C:\AMD\Chipset_Software\Binaries is missing.Exiting uninstallation as it is required to proceed further."

Can someone give me a lead on how to cleanly uninstall an old AMD chipset driver and install a new version? Is AMD bothered by me running an nvidia card? I am lost....

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See this,


Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3600c16dgtzn kit, Aorus gen4 1tb, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850, Win.10 Pro., LC27G55T..

Yes, the "AMD chipset software" exe from this link is exactly the program that refuses to run on my system. Same as the version on the ASUS website.

As for uninstalling, this   is my issue. The article suggests reinstalling again at the bottom, which is what is not working


Meanwhile, I grew smart at the uninstaller program and manually created a "Binaries" folder where it was looking for it according to the log file. Now the error message changed to "AMD drivers not found". However, the uninstaller is still visible in my apps list and the installation of the updated ones is not working.


Did you try using 'uninstall a program' to remove the software, then try the install utility?



Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3600c16dgtzn kit, Aorus gen4 1tb, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850, Win.10 Pro., LC27G55T..

OK I am now not sure what you mean. I was using the windows 11 settings -> apps screen to try to remove "AMD chipset software" from the apps list. This is what tells me i dont have any drivers installed, even though the entry is still visible in the list.
Second, microsoft provided a utility to remove problematic programs. I tried that one too and subsequently uninstalled all AMD entries in there. However, the chipset software is still in the windows apps list.



It appears that MS has an uninstall tool that can help. Noticed a post in reddit that fixed your issue.

See link to ms tool in linked post.

This thread is about the same issue I have but the posts there dont give a lot of hope lol. The tool i already found and was removing all AMD content with it it gave me.
Installers still tell me i have no AMD system. How is this even possible? HWinfo is able to clearly identify my AMD devices even in safe mode, so why AMD installers wont find their own hardware?
sfc /scannow also brought no changes. I am kind of reluctant to reinstall windows because of a chipset driver update, especially since its not guaranteed that it will work afterwards lol


Lookup DDU which appears to remove chipset drivers along with GPU drivers. I have never used it to remove chipset drivers, so i might be wrong about that. Definitely use it in safe mode. I recommend using it while not connected to internet so that windows does not automatically install some version.

  • Get driver packages you want
  • disconnect from internet
  • restart in safe mode
  • use ddu to remove amd drivers in safe mode
  • restart
  • install chipset version you want
  • reconnect to internet



Was doing that multiple times already with everything DDU offers to remove. nvidia, AMD and even intel (you never know lol).

Nothing. I opened a support ticket with AMD but somehow i am not expecting a productive response. More something like "use AMD hardware".


You might look into "driver store explorer". It allows you to view and remove old driver packages that are not in use.

If i was in your situation, I would try to use device manager to remove chipset drivers manually using windows "uninstall" on driver plus the delete checkbox.

If i understand your situation correctly, even if you do not try to uninstall old drivers, this error prevents you from installing newer version over current chipset drivers?

What is the exact version of your windows using winver.exe?

Thanks for that tool. It actually found several Asus and AMD drivers. I guess I will delete those and see what happens.

Windows Version is 23H2 Build 22631.3085.

Adept I

OK, thanks @ all for the replies so far. I did all that was suggested in the previous post but with no changes. There is still a "ghost" AMD Chipset Software entry in the apps menu, even though there is no AMD folder in the registry and no AMD drivers installed anymore in the Driver Store.

Also, all installers still tell me I dont have an AMD system. There is no indication that those two errors are connected to each other but it would be logical.
I seriously start to believe that the install error is an issue on AMDs side rather than my sytems one. Their installers are just too retarded to detect my hardware properly. Considering the other post about the same problem didnt get a solution from AMDs side in 2 years tells a lot.

Edit: for now, the issue is low priority for me because I managed to get my new GPU to work. The problem before wasnt caused by chipset drivers and was gone after switching PCIe mode from "Auto" to "GEN3" in the BIOS. "GEN4" would cause a mess.