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Adept II

Cannot use HW acceleration in chromiumbased browser since driver 23.1.1


Am I alone in not being able to use HW acceleration with the Chrome/Edge/Brave browsers with a 7900 XTX? If I have HW acceleration turned on i get stuttering when loading websites, clicking on links etc.

I thought it would have been fixed by now, or at least mentioned in the drivers Known issue part in the release notes.

Tried older versions of the browsers, updated chipset drivers and Adrenaline version. Even reinstalled Windows 11 at one point.

ASUS ROG Crosshair X670E Gene| AMD Ryzen 9 7900X| Custom Watercooling| WD Black SN850X 1TB + WD Black SN850X 2TB| 2 x Patriot Viper Venom 32GB (2 x 16GB) 6200MHz CL 30-38-38-36-38| AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX| EVE Spectrum 4K| MSI MPG A1000G PCIE5 1000W| Lian Li O-11 EVO| Windows 11 Pro

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Can you try again on 23.3.1? Is this version fix this issue?


Already running 23.3.1

I made a short video showing you the issue, as you can see the mouse movement gets really choppy as soon as anything loads on the page. This happens basically every time I load new page or click on a link. And even if I hover over a button in the browser. If i turn of Hardware Acceleration in any browser the issue goes away, or install the 23.1.1 drivers.

If I put any kind of load on the card the issue goes away (like using the Radeon software to record the screen instead of using my mobilephone like I did here).

Adept II

Bumping this since here we are in April and with the 23.4.1 driver the issue persists. Is this just isolated to my system?

Things tried:

  1. Tried every driver release as far back as the original release driver for the RX 7000 series (Adrenalin 22.12.1). Release driver did not have the issue, and I think i remember the driver after that did not have it either.

  2. Running latest updated bios for my motherboard.
  3. Tried turning off SAM.
  4. Overclocked and underclocked the GPU.
  5. Turned on and off iGPU via bios.
  6. Windows 11 fully updated via Windows update. I have even formatted and reinstalled Windows from scratch.

  7. Tried every version of chipset drivers since the release of X670E chipset.

  8. Tried Google Chrome, Edge (chromium based), Brave Browser, and all have the same issue.

  9. Tried changing power plans (no change).


Got same here on rx6400. At the moment i'm using chrome://flags/#use-angle and set d3d9 instead default (d3d11). Also i send a bug report to amd and waiting if they can resolve it.

Adept I

Restored D3D11(default) in browser flags, look like something improved in latest 23.7.1. No hard visible stuttering, but probably some lags are still exist. I like the gamma in that version.

Adept II

This issue resolved itself, I just turned off HW acceleration in broweser, forgot about it and sometime later the issue resolved itself either by either driver, windows updates etc. Hard to know.