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Cannot install video drivers firepro

Please Help! I posted this up several months ago but got no real help.  

Trying to install the drivers for my dell precision m4800 with a firepro card.  Initially when I got the computer it worked fine..but one day a game crashed, and took the drivers with it.

Any attempt to re-install the drivers gets about 62% done..then locks up my computer solid. 

I've done _everything_ short of reinstalling windows..    I was even advised to download the direct drivers for this card instead of using the autodetect....but the "direct drivers" just use the autodetect also...which is REALLY WEIRD considering they are supposed to be card-specific drivers.

Please, i'm not a noob..I've tried all the stupid crap to get this to work. I need somebody that works for AMD to kindly tell me why their software is crashing my computer and how to fix this. 

If I have to re-install windows to get this to work..I'm never buying AMD ANYTHING ever again and I'm never recommending your products and indeed I will go out of my way to make sure people DO NOT buy your products.

Ever hear of a website  lets get some action here before it come to that okay?  

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making threats isn't going to win you over with anyone that wants to actually help you.

I'll tag AMD Moderator for Professional GPU card to see if he can offer any suggestions to your problem with your Dell PC- @fsadough 

He will probably answer next week if he has the time.

Have you tried running Diagnostic to rule out hardware or Windows issue from here:

Possible when the game crashed and took your drivers it was due to a defective hardware.

Here is your laptop's download page. I suggest you try and install Dell's own AMD Firepro driver first to see if it works or not:

Screenshot 2021-12-14 200913.png

Make sure all of your laptop's Intel drivers are the lastest especially the Graphics and CHIPSET drivers and BIOS if applicable.

You can try and do a In-Place Repair which is running Windows Installation while on your desktop. It will install a new Windows folder with all your 3rd party apps and configuration intact.

NOTE: Here is AMD's Mobility FirePro driver for the M5100/M6100:


Okay sparky..  Every time I go to install the driver, it locks up windows SOLID and I have to do a hard reboot.

This does not matter if it's from Dell support assist software or downloading the drivers from AMD directly...they lock up my computer or prevent it from starting windows when installed.

Yeah, duh, obviously it's a conflict issue.  Why can't AMD make video drivers that actually are smart and can detect this?

NEVER buying ANY AMD product ever again...   it flat-out sucks ass.

As for threats..up urs buddy. I'll take this to whatever level I have too to get this fixed...

AMD has screwed me over, I cannot get my drivers to load..I'm supposed to be Okay with that sparky? think again....


The only "Sparky" in this thread is you making superfluous threats that no one really cares about nor put any importance in it.

So go ahead and start blasting AMD for a laptop made by a Dell, an OEM Manufacturer. See how that is going to get your laptop to work again.

Dell made and engineered your laptop. They are the ones you need to blast not AMD. Dell is the one that knows exactly how AMD driver works in its laptop and what it needs for AMD driver to work correctly.

You can't even take into account that you might have defective hardware since Dell's own drivers won't work.

AMD's laptop graphic drivers are generic or basic so that it will work in many various laptops. So if Dell's own driver, which are 100% compatible,  doesn't work you have most likely a hardware issue.

So I guess what you are saying with Windows Basic Display adapter video driver you laptop works fine?

If you reset the Laptop back to factory defaults and the same thing occurs that is a very good indication of hardware issues.

So SPARKY, so I guess your next reply will be as idiotic as the last one, LoL.



Did this link work?
NOTE: Here is AMD's Mobility FirePro driver for the M5100/M6100: