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Adept I

Cannot install drivers 5700 xt in a fresh windows installation

I'm having a black screen when installing the adrenalin driver, it happens around 60%. After that the gpu fans stop spinning. When I restart the system it doesn't let me access windows and I'm force to either reinstall windows or go back to a restoration point.
This is a new rig. Meaning fresh windows installation. I just bought the gpu, sapphire pulse 5700 xt.
The weirdest thing is that I also tried to plug the HDD in another system with another cpu,mobo and gpu (a gigabyte 5700 xt) and I couldn't install it either. And this second system is currently working fine using an SSD and it has the lastest adrenalin driver installed (20.5.1)
So I'm pretty sure that the new gpu (sapphire pulse) is not faulty because like I said even when trying to install the drivers using the older gpu (the gigabyte), which is currently working in another system, I got the same black screen.

Things I tried : different adrenalin drivers (20.5.1, 20.4.2, 20.4.1 and 20.1.3)
                        different windows versions (1909 and 2004)
                        letting windows update
                        don't let windows update and installing the amd driver offline from a usb stick
                        installing the drivers from device manager directly  

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