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Cannot find the Graphic drivers I need

Hello, I have searched and searched and have no Idea what graphic drivers I need to download.

I recently restored my computer so I can start from scratch as I had a crashing problem. Every so often my PC would just go ahead and Crash even tho the specs are high.

I presume its down to the graphics drivers not being installed properly in the past however I am not sure which graphic drivers I need.

I have attached a screenshot below so you can see my PC Specs.


If anyone can tell me where to download the drivers that would be great. The only ones I can see on the website are APU > FX Series , but when I click that it says its for Laptops when I have a desktop.


2 Replies

Your CPU is not an APU

FX is APU only for laptops so you cannot install apu's drivers

Do you have a graphics card ?

Journeyman III

You can try to type dxdiag at start menu search and after that press next page and you will see your displayed graphics card.