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Journeyman III

can you get relive crimson back? + feedback on adrenaline

Am just wondering if its possible to get the old relive crimson settings back to use for a while while the new one gets improved? I have a lot of issues with the current new one, feels like a big downgrade when crimson was just what I wanted. Thanks.

To note my issues for the devs if they are interested;

-My recording doesnt work gives videos files I cant open.

-Instant replay says saving then never saves. (And note I havnt recorded in a while this issue could technically not be related to the update)

-No hotkey to toggle instant replay on and off (so I dont need to keep it running all the time).

-No way to set an indicator for if instant replay is on in the corner.

-No basic fps tracker, if there is I couldn't find it. Only thing I found has loads of metrics i dont need.

-The basic interface when you alt+z has way less. I need to go into settings just to turn replay on and off.

These are all things crimson did well. Hopefully in the future the new one will be improved.

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