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Journeyman III

can't update my Radeon HD 6900 series driver

when I am finding my drivers in the drivers and support section, I can't find my Radeon Hd 6900 series in the list 

I also tried finding in the legacy section but I just can't seem to find it

And also, I can't seem to download the AMD Radeon software 2020 edition 

It just says Error182-AMD installer cannot properly identify the AMD graphics hardware 

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There is no such thing as a AMD 6900 graphics card. The HD6900 is a SERIES of cards...just like it says.


You may not be able to use the latest drivers. Furnish the info and we'll see.


Try this one.

Set your driver to default

Uninstall your driver an install this one. 


Hi warsun i got also AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series, whats best or last update for my graphic card? the link which u post  cant be open

please send me a coorect name or link for the driver which i need thanks


What leads you to believe that you have the same card as he? Why don't you simply tell which of the HD6900 series you have? And it will be different if it is a Mobility (laptop) graphics.


You can run GPU=Z select "Lookup" will tell you which card you have.


Hi kingfish thanks alot for your reply and clear explaination, i never knew which serie i had at was always showing me Radeon HD 6900 series , but thank to you after sended me that program Techpowerup GPU-Z which make it clear for me,now i know i have HD 6970 but when i click on Lookup at shows 3 different graphic cards, so i guess theres only 1 update for all those HD6970, but now my biggest question is when i go to update my graphic card it shows me 2 different download i dont know which i should use for updating my graphic card? the Catalyst Software Suite OR THE  Radeon Software Crimson Edition Beta? and whats the different between those 2 downloads should i download both or only one? im using PC and not laptop, please reply me about it thanks alot waiting your response20210617_150906.jpg20210617_150934.jpg

Use the latest....16.12.1. It has the newer control panel.

Thanks alot mate gonna try that one

you mean i should get this one? 


Radeon Software Crimson Edition Beta

Yes....that is the only driver you install....16.12.1