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Adept I

Can't stream Quake 3 Arena or Dungeon Keeper 2.

I can't get Relive streaming to work with older games as Quake 3 arena and Dungeon Keeper 2. The first one is from Steam and the second one is from GoG. Seems I can't even activate Relive with the key shortcuts at all. In X-box live I can record in game with no problem. But X-box live does not support Facebook streaming. And since I have AMD Gfx, of course I want to use Relive. any one know what can be wrong? BTW With Borderlands 2 Relive work perfedtly.

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How to Capture and Stream Gameplay Using Radeon™ ReLive | AMD 

Record Desktop

Record Desktop is an option that once enabled allows capture of content directly from your Windows desktop. 

NOTE! OpenGLapplications may be recorded using the Record Desktop feature only when running in windowed mode.

You can find a lot of good info here:

Radeon™ Software Help Center | AMD 

AMD really should do something about this, since retro gaming kind of got a big thing in recent years.