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Journeyman III

Can't open catalyst and the icon in the bottom right bar keeps disappearing

I can't open Catalyst from the start menu and every time I start the PC, the icon in the right corner (where you can see all the mayor background apps) disappears after clicking the arrow button. I'm on the newest software for my RX 480: 18.12.2 from december 12th. The previous update I used (18.9.1) shows the icon as ussual but then Relive doesn't work.

As a sidenote: I constantly have issues with Catalyst software and Relive being crappy ever since I bought my RX480 a bit over 2 years ago ( while that card allready has broken down on me too a few months ago). I always had NVIDIA up till this RX480 card and never experienced any mayor software issues, Shadowplay worked like a charm every time I used it (it even made me capture my gameplay because it worked so good) and I never ever had an Nvidia card break down on me. It's probably just me and a bad luck streak, but I'll be glad when this card has served it's time.

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