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Adept I

Can't load driver update...reverts to existing

eMachines ET1810-3

Intel Core 2 Duo E8600


Mobo = EMCP73-VT-PM

250W PSU

Win 7/SP1

VisionTek AMD Radeon HD5450

Driver: 15.301.1901.0

HP Pavilion 22xw HD monitor

Did away with onboard graphics in order to obtain HDMI output for streaming onto HD gaming, just needed HDMI for movies, etc.  Snapped the card onto PCI-x16 slot, did all the usual driver install, which I obtained from AMD site, all good.  Fired up PC, great picture, etc.  Now, the problem: When I attempt to wake PC from Sleep Mode, it goes into reboot, every time, with the usual Windows message about "Windows did not shut down normally...", and did a restart.  And everything works fine, providing I shut down PC after using, saving everything per usual, no Sleep Mode.

Checking the Windows "dump file" after reboot shows error associated with Radeon 5450 "kernel" something-something.  So, tried the uninstall/reinstall cycle, booting into Safe Mode, then first trying DDU utility, cleared out all driver stuff, restarted, then attempted to install driver 15.7.1...driver installed but it was the existing 15.301.1901.0 file, and Sleep error persisted.  Restarted in Safe Mode, used this time the AMD uninstall utility, restarted, then tried above install -- no difference, existing driver installed.  Repeated ALL of above trying to install the beta 16.2.1 driver-- no joy, orig. driver once again got installed.  Tried uninstalling from Device Manager, then trying to force choice of 15.7 or 16.2 with same result: original driver kept getting installed.


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Adept I question got truncated during posting.  To conclude: 

So, what am I doing wrong here?  Why is the current driver file keep getting installed when I click on the other driver install files?

Suggestions?  Comments?


If you computer is shutting down as though you pressed the On/Off or Restart Switch on your computer case it indicates either a Overhheating, Overclocking, PSU issue (possibly with your 250 Watt PSU), Defective GPU card, or Incompatible hardware or driver.

According to 3dGURU Website on the HD5450 Review concerning the PSU it needs: Radeon HD 5450 review - Setup | Noise | Power consumption | Heat levels 

To possibly rule out your PSU as the problem, download a free diagnostic program called OCCT and run the PSU Stress test and see if it passes without crashing.

Pay special attention to your PSU Outputs and Temperatures while testing your GPU and PSU Card.

Thank you for very helpful reply...downloaded and ran the OCCT Stress Test for several minutes, with no crashes, GPU maxed out @ 62 deg C.  I've located a couple of older driver files for Radeon D 5450, and I'll try to load via Device Manager.  As I mentioned, I can run videos w/o any difficulty, the only issue is awakening PC from Sleep Mode, when it goes into shutdown, then restarts...never does that during normal PC operation, incl. use of graphics card. The other problem is inability to load in any other driver files, as whatever file appears to install, after restart the Device Manager shows the original, uninstalled driver file, which mysteriously enough keeps reinstalling.  


For a temporarily solution you can go into Windows Power plan and disable Sleep and Hybrid Sleep modes to prevent the computer to go into sleep or hibernation until you find a fix.

Run in a elevated Command Prompt or Powershell the following command - SFC /scannow. This will check your Windows 10 OS for corruption or missing files.

Also check Device Manager for any errors or yellow exclamation marks.

Post DXDIAG.txt in your next reply by running DXDIAG.exe and click on "Saving file to Txt" .

Also check Windows Event Viewer (Control Panel under Administrative Tools) and under "errors" see if you find any Windows or AMD errors that can cause your issue.

It is possible that Windows Update keeps installing the previous driver. 

Found this previous Microsoft Forum thread with the same issue as you are having. The Moderator says the Display driver is the one responsible for sleep mode: Computer shuts down after waking from sleep mode - Microsoft Community 

Hi SP. I'm Greg, an installation specialist and 9 year Windows MVP, here to help you.

Most Sleep problems are caused by the Display driver, so try updating yours from the PC or Device maker's Support Downloads web page for your full model number, Serial Number or Dell Service tag.

If that doesn't help then in Device Manager on Display device Driver tab choose Roll back, Uninstall (then restart to reinstall) or try another one previously installed at Device Manager>Display adapter>Driver>Update Driver>Browse>Let me pick.

In addition there are steps here to specifically troubleshoot Sleep mode problems:

What I do is go into Advanced Power options and set Display and Sleep to 1 minutes, Hibernate to 2 minutes, then after completing each step restart the PC and observe what happens for 3 minutes.

Also did it previously work? Do you have a System Restore point from when it did?

This may have been caused by Windows Updates. Check which Updates were installed right before the problem began, and if necessary uninstall them from Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Installed Update History.

You can also try to roll back using System Restore to a point before this began:

Then if an Update reinstalls and causes the same problem uninstall or roll it back again, then immediately hide it using the Hide Updates tool from Method Two here:

FYI, operating system is Win7/SP1...checked the crash report (dump file) and cause was ID'ed as "driver atikmdag.sys", in "file ATI Radeon Kernel Mode Driver", so trouble must originate in either corrupted driver OR bad GPU...would that be a correct assumption?  Now, I finally succeeded in installing a different driver, 15.200.1062.1004, and Sleep problem persists.  Still can't install drivers 15.7 or 16.2, for whatever reason.  Also, setting Display and Sleep actions via Power Options only affects monitor - PC does not revert to Sleep...only way to enter Sleep Mode is manually through Windows options.

BTW, Windows Update is disabled, and Device Installations Setting also disabled WIndows auto-install of SW.

Maybe I should uninstall the Radeon 5450 driver and revert to generic VGA, then try the Sleep Mode test?



Here is DxDiag text file attachment, as requested.


Make sure Windows 7 is fully updated via Windows Update and so is the Intel Integrated Graphics driver. 

According to C/net on your E-machine Specs it uses Nvidia GE Force 7050 Integrated Graphics: eMachines ET1810-03 Specs - CNET 

NOTE: Found E-Machine Support to download all the drivers for your PC: Download Center ( ALL Products ) 

Try using the 2009 AMD driver and see if the problem persists or not.

Seems like ACER bought E-Machine and it has a software updater for your PC:

Here is Nvidia Support last Nvidia Graphics driver for the GE Force 7050: NVIDIA DRIVERS GeForce 309.08 Driver WHQL 

Your E-Machine is. putting it mildly, prehistoric compared to today's PC's. So it could just be a driver not being 100% compatible with your computer.

Adept I

elstaci, many thanks for your deep-diving for problem corrections...yes, the rig is totally prehistoric by anybody’s standards, but I use it for Win Office applications, tax computations, and other non-Internet apps, so it has utility in a limited sense.  Graphics card is way past the return date cutoff, so I think I’ll just bag Sleep Mode entirely, and use manual shutdown procedure, as graphics performance is very satisfactory for my applications.

Thank again for dedicated help.


Adept I

BTW, went ahead on a long-delayed upgrade of PSU to 430W, and when attempting to awake PC from Sleep Mode, same problem occurred - system shut down and rebooted.  So, ruling out any shortfall in power requirements.