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Journeyman III

Can't install StoreMI [Code: 65536], B550 & Ryzen 5 3600

--- PC specs ---

(CPU) Ryzen 5 3600

(M/B) B550M PG Riptide

(GPU) Radeon 6600 XT

(RAM) DDR4-3200 16GB*2

(SSD) SN550 500GB (C:), Patriot P300 128GB (E:)

(HDD) Seagate Barracuda 4TB (D: F:)


I am Japanese so if my English is bad, I am sorry for that.


I couldn't install StoreMI for my PC, it showed the error code "65536".

I tried solutions below.

1. Turned off settings in Windows Security (Memory Integrity and so on).

2. Paging File is only in C drive.

3. Re-installed gpu driver. (Couldn't select "Factory Reset" option)

4. Removed driver that installed by StoreMI and didn't remove by StoreMI.


Can someone tell me another solutions?

I can't upload logs to this website, so I uploaded them to my website.

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