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Adept III

Can't install drivers 5600 XT

Get a black screen after installing drivers (Old or new).  When resetting my just built PC freezes when starting to load windows (during loading dots), and continues to freeze FOREVER unless display drivers are deleted.

5600 xt MSI mech oc gpu

Asus Prime B450m-a mobo

was working like a dream for the first week than all this happened.  Pretty disappointed tbh.  I used to be able to download the drivers (yesterday), but I can't even do that now, just leads to a frozen black screen.  I just want my money back .  Apparently these forums are the only thing AMD twitter says to do so ta da, here's my post.

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Adept I

Have the same issue. So frustrated. Card worked fine for 2 weeks, suddenly Windows wouldn't start up. Did a fresh install, everything works...until I try to install the display drivers. It'll freeze the computer all over again until I safe mode remove the drivers.

Tried updating the bios. Tried all available drivers. Tried using DDU on various settings and manually installing all available drivers. Tried turning off vsync on my monitor and booting in base video mode. Did several more fresh Windows installs, with and without recent updates. Even tried reseating the card. Tried every single suggestion I could find online. Nothing.

If i boot into safe mode and manually update the driver, it will show as Radeon 5600 XT instead of Windows Basic Display Adapter. But when I reboot into normal mode, it'll freeze on startup again.

Concerned that these same issues have been posted on Reddit and other places for months now, without a solution (seemingly) in sight. I'm gaming right now.  I'm to scared to restart this pc because I KNOW it will freeze.  Trying to remember what exactly I did to help you out.

I'm on the latest windows (2004), the Drivers are from my c:/ drive and they are NOT the newest *option one but the newest recommended one (.4).  You need to delete whatever chipsets you have and get them fresh from .  Go chipsets - socket - find your mobo and install.  After the reset I went to the C drive and found the driver download.  I clicked the fresh install or full install whatever the tick box is and installed.  Now, instead of restarting the PC after it installed I powered off the pc and waited 15 seconds, and turned it back on.  Everything installed, even the Adrenaline thing and whatnot.  I wish you the best man, and sorry I don't have more detailed steps, I was just kinda screwing around with everything.

Happy to hear you're up and running. How did you remove the chipset drivers-- by using DDU in safe mode or just reinstalling them? I tried DDU, reset, installing chipset new, reset and radeon install, but it gives me a "cant install because of pending windows update" error. Gonna try a fresh install of windows and try again since I probably messed stuff up trying everything else 

Promising to hear though 


Have you found any solutions yet? i am having this issue and it is driving me mad lol


Unfortunately no...after a week of driving myself insane trying to fix it, I wound up returning the card and getting an Nvidia one instead. The 5600 was my first amd card and likely my last. 


Which Nvidia card di you buy instead?. This is my first PC build and it was quite successful until this issue with the gpu driver. I honestly bought AMD gpu because i work in apple ecosystem, and we have macbook pro and imac with amd cards. Now, i have lost the return window, (bought the card 1.5 months ago) and i honestly have no idea what to do...


I wound up getting a 2060, which was roughly the same price and I've had zero issues with it. 

You should still be able to RMA the card through AMD.  It certainly seems like this is an issue for certain cards instead of the whole line, so they may be able to replace it for you. Worth a shot.