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Adept I

Can't install 22.3.1: PC Continually Restarts/Boot-loop

I’m running an RX 6600 8GB with an i7 -11700F, 16gb RAM, and ASRock b560m-c motherboard.

I tried to update from 21.10.2 to the recommended 22.3.1 driver today and, no matter what, it cannot be installed. During a factory reset install, my pc reboots during the install, the installer restarts itself, gets to a certain point, the PC reboots again and then gets stuck in a boot loop and eventually only starts in safe mode. I then have to remove the drivers in safe mode. Reinstalling 21.10.2 then works fine.

Is this a known issue? I had the same issue with the 22.2.x optional updates, but was hoping that since 22.3.1 is “recommended” that it would finally work. What can be done to resolve this?

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Adept II

Did you find any fix yet? Im having the same problems after 21.11.3. This is the last driver i can run on my pc -.-