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Adept I

Can't get any driver to work

i used to have the problem of the black screen after i try to install any driver after 18.5.3  and just roll back to it but now nothing works all drivers causes the same issue for me 18.5.3 was working fine till i ran battlefield v and without noticing the screen gone with strange colors and stopped working and since then i cant get any AMD driver to work anymore even tried a fresh windows copy but i am no where any help would be appreciated.

system is : Alienware 18 with Dual AMD 7970M Crossfire 

Windows 10 64Bit

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If your GPU doesn't work now with a clean install then likely you have suffered hardware failure. Likely the GPU, if not the Power Supply or even potentially the mother board. Best thing to try is your card in another machine or a different GPU in yours to narrow down what is wrong.

Oh since you mentioned you have crossfire try one card at a time and test in each motherboard slot one at a time. You can figure out if it is the board slot or card this way.