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Journeyman III

Can't find data after creating a Non-Bootable StoreMI drive

I have 3 drives on my system

1. 500GB samsung 970 evo NNVM M2 (not used in tier, boot drive)

2. 250GB SSD (used in tier)

3. 2 TB HDD (used in tier)

I created a non bootable StoreMI drive using AMD StoreMi 1.3.1 and drives 2 and 3. drive 3 had data on it. I chose the ssd as the fast drive and the hdd as a slow drive. It created a new drive with a capacity of 1.31TB with no data and 736GB as unallocated space as seen below.



The new Drive is empty. I need to find the lost data and if possible find a solution for this to work as intended...

System specs

Asus Prime x470 pro

Ryzen 2700x

32GB ram.

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You didn't mention if you read the AMD STOREMI Guide when you installed STOREMI on your computer.

But here is the official guide which explains what happens to a HDD or SSD when used in STOREMI computer:


Of course I read the guide. There is a specific section on non bootable drives. I followed the instructions. Have you seen something regarding my problem that I haven't?


I tried to google your problem but couldn't find anything.

I was just covering the basics when I asked if you had read the StoreMI Guide.

The only thing I can see that would have deleted your Data was if you would have accidently chosen a Non-Bootable Disk as a blank and checked mark the Partition Disc. As describe in the STOREMI guide:

Lets see if some other User here at AMD Forum experienced in using and troubleshooting STOREMI can answer your question.

If not, I suggest you open an AMD EMAIL SUPPORT TICKET and see what they suggest: Email Form