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Adept I

Can't enable Dolby Atmos via 7900 XTX


I have a problem with enabling Dolby Atmos on my Radeon 7900 XTX. 

I have SAMSUNG TV S95B, SAPPHIRE NITRO+ AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX Vapor-X 24G, and SAMSUNG soundbar HW-Q930B, all support Dolby Atmos.

I have the TV connected to HDMI on my GPU and when I go to spatial audio settings in Windows 11 I cannot enable Dolby Atmos for Home Theater, I get an error “Something went wrong while trying to turn on spatial sound”.
I have the Dolby Access app installed and I cannot configure Atmos as it says that I need to enable mentioned setting in Windows.

I have found some threads on forums so I'm not the only one. Things that I have tried:

1) Uninstall drivers /reinstall
2) Reset the TV to factory settings.
3) Reinstall the Dolby Access app.
4) Disable onboard audio in BIOS and uninstall Realtek drivers also with DDU
5) Connecting to another HDMI port

Before I had Nvidia 3080 as my GPU and Dolby Atmos was working OK, with no issues. The same setup, of course except for the GPU.
Tried everything that found on the internet, but nothing helps.

I have also reported that via AMD Bug Report Tool. (No idea how to raise a "normal" ticket to AMD).

Looking forward to any help.

Thank you.

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Community Manager

I don't have any further update to share at this time. Once that changes, I'll be back to update the thread. 

I just got a XFX RX 6950 xt and i'm using a hdmi 2.1 cable I also notice that Dolby Atmots is not working and neither is any DTS audio format. I hope amd can fix this problem never had a issue with Dolby or DTS with my old gtx 1080 ti over hdmi. The hdmi cable is a certified 2.1 cable that I was using on my old gtx 1080 ti and now using on my new Rx 6950 xt.

@Matt_AMD another 3 weeks are gone.. my question is, why it is not listed in the release notes that the problem ist known and under investigation?

Good point.  I get the sneaking suspicion that it's not actually being looked into , as I think it may well be a windows/dolby issue rather than amd's.  The issue I figure is the main problem is that the Dolby /windows implementation of Atmos is that it sends the signal out as PCM instead of bitstream.  Most , if not all AVR's expect the atmos signals to be bitstream..

edit: i stand corrected. the latest driver seems to have sorted it (although in windows it doesn't seem to be outputting as atmos according to the amp... but at least atmos is selectable and the dolby app recognises atmos is enabled.)


For me the AMD Driver is sending an Atmos Signal to the AVR, with the old working driver 21.5.2 and now with the finally fixed 23.9.1

Only Atmos for Headphones is PCM. Atmos for Hometheater was never PCM.


@Matt_AMD wrote:

I don't have any further update to share at this time. Once that changes, I'll be back to update the thread. 

I have a 7900XTX. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my drivers to the latest. I even tried the DDU utility to get everything off. Still no option for "Dolby Atmos for Home Theater". This post is now over six months old. Can you please provide the community that supports your brand any update you can find? I have an Atmos system that works perfect on NVidia hardware but not with my 7900XTX, but the NVidia card is no where near as powerful as my 7900XTX. 

@Matt_AMD wrote:

I don't have any further update to share at this time. Once that changes, I'll be back to update the thread. 

Hey @Matt_AMD I sent this to AMD Vik on Reddit too. Hoping to hear back from one or both of you.

Atmos should be allowed for users of display port as display port can carry Atmos. Atmos via NVidia GPU's works flawlessly. Instead, AMD users on Display Port are seeing that it only supports stereo.

My Examples:

There are hundreds of posts in the AMD forum on Reddit regarding this issue and I noticed 23.9.2 notes don't mention it as a known issue.

AMD supporters would love some updates.

Thanks for the post, we are looking into this. 

Adept I

Pushing this to top so it gets more visibility.

Adept I

@Matt_AMD Hello, any news here?

I have been waiting over half a year for the driver fix, for such an "elementary" function, at least in my eyes given the specs.

I am very satisfied with AMD products, and I always have been, even in terms of drivers, I can also compare it, considering that my previous card was from Nvidia (mainly because of the cryptocurrency boom, except for this exception I had always AMD), moreover, I was very satisfied with this Nvidia (but the 10Gigs of VRAM started to be insufficient), but my user experience was always better with AMD, but that was only until I ran into this problem with Dolby Atmos. In fact, if I had known about this problem, which has been waiting to be solved for so long, I would have considered the 4080, even though in my eyes it is a worse product, but given my investment in Dolby Atmos products, this has been already starting to irritate me.

I am asking for a quick solution.

Thank you!

Journeyman III

Yeah, this is ridiculous.

Make sure to remind your higher ups this sh1t is why people buy Nvidia.



Adept I

It seems amd fixed Dolby Atmos in Adrenalin 23.8.2 now we just need DTS to work.


Just checked here while waiting for the update to install. Installing it now and hoping this works. I will be so happy.


And still not working for me.  

I'm on Windows 10 and using a 6950 xt and it's working for me.


I tried again today and set it through the Windows 11 menu instead of the sound control panel and it worked. It took a year but I'm glad it's finally working. 

what do you meant windows 11 menu?  Can you post a image please.



With my 7900XTX when I connect to Atmos enabled device via DisplayPort there is no option for Dolby Atmos for Home Theater.

If I remove my 7900XTX and replace it with my Nvidia 2070, the option in the drop down list for Dolby Atmos for Home Theater appears AND it works.

I've attempted to just run DisplayPort to the monitor and HDMI straight to Atmos soundbar, but soundbar or AVR receiver receives no signal. I know the HDMI works though because it works on monitors to include audio.

If you dig into this forum and Reddit you'll find people reporting this issues for almost two years unfortunately. I have considered selling my 7900XTX and 2070 and seeing about getting a 4080 since NVidia Atmos works great, but I think I'd lose money at that point.


No Home Theater Option.png


I forgot to add, I recently tried an HDMI splitter and an audio extractor. This worked; however, when using splitters and extractors I found out they only support VRR and I have a FreeSync Premium Pro monitor.


Last thing: When you connect 7900XTX via DisplayPort not only does it not allow you to select Atmos (works fine on NVIdia) but if you go to the audio details it says AMD audio driver only supports 2 channel stereo.

When I use my NVidia 2070 over DisplayPort it lists 2 channel, 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos for Home Theater.

max audio channels.png

Adept I

working on windows 10 with 6900xt, downloaded latest driver and still i have issues with using earc on my s95b oled tv and avr, with 5.1 channels speaker setup on windows 10 rear speakers not playing, also cannot setup atmos speaker setup.


so latest driver did not solve the problem, instead introduced a white flicker every now and then, and i used ddu btw.


I'm also using an S95B and it's working now. 

Adept I

Yeah, It seems to be working! Wow!

Adept I


Withe the Update Adrenalin 23.8.2 now it works for me.

Thank you @Matt_AMD 



Fixed Issues

  • Error message may be observed when selecting Spatial sound format of “Dolby Atmos for home theatre”.
Adept I

Over the years I have seen this type of issue many many times with audio drivers and "New" audio formats.

I have a  Saphire 7900 xtx.  My HDMI cable is connected to the closest port to the front of the case (top of the card).  Does  which port matter?

 If you look at the Sound driver of choice (in my case connected to my Denon AVR), under supported formats / Encoded Formats, it does not list  Dolby Atmos.   That means there is nothing you can do till AMD changes that. 

It looks like AMD has not paid for the license.    Sorta surprising, but not the first time I have seen this.   The driver does support 192 kHz.  that means you can run 7.1 HD, and those formats are supported. 


You won’t see Dolby Atmos listed there. Atmos isn’t an encoding codec, it’s the audio format. Dolby TrueHD is the audio codec used for lossless Dolby Atmos content so you should see that there. TrueHD has been showing for me since the issue started. 23.8.2 fixed the issue for me but it’s still a little buggy. 


I stand corrected.  I swear i saw it there on my other computer.    That being said dolby atmos does show up as an option under the advanced tab /  sample rate.  hmmm

Adept I

Just tried the 23.9.1 driver and it didn't solve my problem.

Still my speaker mode setup on windows 10 is limited to stereo when connecting to s95b tv via earc then my denon receiver.

5.1 windows speaker mode is missing rear channels, 7.1 is absent, atmos is present but doesn't work and error appears "can't play the tune" or something like that.


Tried everything from different cables to different drivers but nothing works.


Amd should contact samsung and microsoft to figure a solution, i am sick of it, and i will sell my 6900xt as soon as i can.


Even when i try to use dual monitor to supply image to tv and audio directly to avr, the screen flickers like crazy.

Adept I

Even with the two latest drivers it’s a no go for Dolby Atmos on my rig. 7900xtx, Windows 11, Samsung Ark, Samsung Q90(?) soundbar. Both Samsung devices support Dolby Atmos. I can still install my RTX 2080 and Dolby Atmos works flawlessly. The only two variables are the GPU and the GPU drivers. I would just stick my 2080 back in and forget all about my 7800 but admittedly the 2080 just doesn’t keep up with my monitor at the settings I’d like.
 Hopefully this will get fixed.

Adept I

I have no problem in sending atmos directly to AVR or setting speaker to 5.1 or 7.1 and sending it directly to AVR via hdmi.


It is only when i try to use the EARC method my gpu won't let me choose atmos, or send a correct 5.1 speaker setup signal. ( i use EARC because my AVR is only 2.0 hdmi compliant and won't let me enjoy 4k120 with free sync )


Apparently audio is messed up on our gpus and not compatible with every AVR or EARC ou there and need a driver from scratch, ask nvidia how did they do it if you don't know .


So I’m also using eARC for the same reason. Idk if you saw my other post but I’m only able to enable Atmos through the new windows settings menu and not the old control panel. Once I enable it there I can use control panel and verify each speaker is playing correctly. 

This still hasn’t been entirely issue free for me though. I had my audio randomly stop working and couldn’t even enable 5.1. Atmos content would actually play but nothing else.  I had to remove and reinstall drivers to get anything better than stereo. 

Can you give me a walkthrough of the "new windows settings menu". I'm on Windows 11 for reference.


It’s just the standard Windows 11 settings and not the control panel. Like if you going to settings >system>sound that should be the modern windows settings. Not the control panel that was used since Windows 95. 


@FlowaceTechnologies wrote:


It seems you are encountering issues enabling Dolby Atmos on your Radeon 7900 XTX with your Samsung TV and soundbar. This can be frustrating, but let's explore some potential solutions:

  1. Check AMD Community Discussions: Visit the AMD community forum where others have faced similar problems with Dolby Atmos on AMD GPUs. You may find solutions or insights from users who encountered the same issue. Consider participating in the discussion or asking for help there [1].

  2. Samsung Soundbar Compatibility: Ensure that your Samsung soundbar is fully compatible with Dolby Atmos and that it's set up correctly. Some users have reported issues related to soundbars, so it's essential to verify its compatibility and configuration [2].

  3. Update GPU Drivers: Ensure you have the latest GPU drivers installed for your Radeon 7900 XTX. Outdated or incompatible drivers can cause audio-related problems.

  4. Windows Sound Settings: Check your Windows sound settings to ensure that spatial sound is enabled correctly. If there's an error message, Windows settings might be a factor.

  5. Consider Alternate HDMI Ports: Try connecting your GPU to different HDMI ports on your TV. Sometimes, using specific HDMI ports can affect audio configurations.

  6. Report to AMD Support: Continue to report the issue via the AMD Bug Report Tool. Additionally, you may want to explore how to contact AMD support directly to raise the issue formally.

  7. Nvidia vs. AMD GPU Comparison: Since you mentioned Dolby Atmos worked with your Nvidia GPU, you might want to compare the audio configurations and settings you had with the Nvidia GPU to those with the AMD GPU. This could provide clues on what settings need to be adjusted.

You're post is as frustrating as it is condescending. Are you a bot? This has been a known issue since 6800XT. Users using DP have no option to enable Atmos for Home Theater. It's not a compatibility issue, it's an AMD driver issue because you can rollback drivers to pre-6800XT and it works fine.

And yes, NVidia users have zero issues.

Adept I

Well please every amd gpu owner out there boycott buying amd products till they respect their customers and offer completely working products.


Since the release of the 6000 series and i have noticed ppl complaining from same issue, 3 years now and there is not a single solution or addressing for the problem.


That's lame, personally i am selling my gpu to buy a 4070ti, and since amd does not intend to fix this, you could connect 2 hdmi cables, one for the 2.1 hdmi tv, and other the 2.0 hdmi avr, yup you will have 2 dual monitors and it will cause problems and affect performance, but it is better than nothing, i set the 2nd avr connection to 480p resolution.

Journeyman III



Hi I will provide you the "how to" solve this.


You need the Tool CRU

1. Step: Open (Edit) the Extension block as I marked it in the screenshot

 Screenshot 2023-10-25 123855.png















2. Step: Open (Edit) in Data blocks Audio formats

Screenshot 2023-10-25 123905.png   

3. Step: Add all Audio Formats as you see on the Screenshots below.

Screenshot 2023-10-25 123923.png                                                      

Screenshot 2023-10-25 123939.png


Step 5: After you finish, close the Application and execute restart62.exe in the CRU Folder.

Step 6: Restart your Computer and use Dolby/DTS Application from Microsoft Store to configure it. 

If you have any questions polease let me know.

Thanks a lot for providing the solution! I only needed to modify LPCM 5.1 to 7.1 channels and Atmos for Home Theater started working. I left LPCM 2.0, AC-3, E-AC-3 and TrueHD values at their defaults. AC-3 supports only 5.1 channels if I understand correctly.

I think you are right. I facing some issues when I use Dolby atmos and DTS together.