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Adept II

Call of Duty MW2 AMD GPU drivers

Saw this post from Call of Duty mentioning system requirements for the MW2 beta.

111 MW2 AMD.png

Can someone explain why they're recommending an older AMD driver: 21.9.1 - and a newer driver for Nvidia: 516.79?

I'm only asking because I can't find the 21.9.1 under previous drivers.

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Community Manager

This looks to be a typo and should have said, 22.9.1.

22.9.1 contained some performance optimisations for MW2 so was released shortly before the Beta went live. 

The beta is now closed, I hope you enjoyed MW2, I know I did. 


Yeah I downloaded 22.9.2 as soon as it released.

The beta was good fun, I do still hope to see some changes in the full release.
Performance over the board wasn't great. I saw streamers only running 150-160fps in some maps (with 12900k, 3090, 1440p and competitive settings). The Ground War game mode was especially tough as I generally didn't see anyone with more than 160 fps. Personally I got around 200fps in most multiplayer maps, except for a map or two where I got 180fps max - I did also change the VideoMemoryScale and RendererWorkerCount to match what I had in MW19 / WZ 1. 
This makes me a bit worried for the full release of both MW2 and Warzone 2. Hope it just was a lack of optimization in the beta.
I did watch your performance videos on YT - Seems like you had no issues getting 230fps+ across the board.

Yes, there were a few snags. I do not like the menus, it feels designed for console. I kept losing my loadout accidentally (to the amusement of some people I was playing with in Discord), and the game did crash a few times. However we route caused it to the full screen mode. Borderless mode was fine no crashes. I submitted a bug report for the developers. 

The things I really enjoyed were the graphics, the sound and feel of firing a gun. It feels really meaty and so much better than Warzone peashooters. Big improvements here for me, graphics too were nice and better than I excpected. 

Performance was excellent for me, but I know I have the best AMD hardware available and there is a big performance hit vs MW19.

Glad you checked out the videos, I did upload a few. Ran out of time to do more and test ground war at 1080P/1440P. Not sure how i feel about the ground war mode yet to be honest, time will tell. 


21.9.1 *was* the driver that was released just before the beta dropped

21.9.2 was released afterwards and does not mention anything about MW2 in its release notes.

You are correct. Thanks for correcting my typo, which was correcting another typo! 

Adept I

might just be me but i was just pushing 100 fps on maps, 90 on ground war at low settings. My setup is an 6600XT and in i7 6600x. I know my CPU is kinda old but I consistently get 130+ frames on mw 2019, 100+ rebirth, and 120+ on caldera(ik its weird but idk whats going on). I just hope when mw2 comes out fully the optimization is better