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Adept I

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 drops FPS

In the game Call of Duty Black Ops 4, there is a decrease in performance from 150-200 frames per second to 60 fps.
On my previous configuration (Intel Core i7 6700, GTX1070, 16gb ram 2133 mhz below 90 frames per second, the performance did not fall.

Low performance on maps: Havana, Remnant,  Lockup, Masquerade, Gridlock

My PC:

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (In stock)


Ram: 16gb 3200 Mhz (D.O.C.P. profile active)

Video: AMD RX5700XT

Driver: 19.7.5

How to solve a problem?

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Adept I

Same here, been happening since the 1st day i bought RX5700XT, my fps drop from 180 fps to 70 fps with full of stutter.

Adept I

Radeon Software 19.9.1 - the problem remains. It is impossible to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.
AMD you need to solve the problem!

Big Boss

16GB is not enough for an 8GB video card. You need to have 32GB or more to have enough room for the game to breathe. Remember VRAM is shadowed in main memory.


Having more ram on the GPU does not increase demand system ram. In fact it will remove load from the system ram. Now increased resolution and higher anti-aliasing will increase demands but even then, I know of nothing that goes above 16 gb. I can't find a single bit of information that comes close to this claim. There are barely, but are a few games now that use over 8gb of ram, battlefield 1 and V will use close to 12 at maximum resolutions on ultra. I can't find a single game that uses in practice more than 12. I can't find a single game that even lists 16 as a minimum just as recommended. I can't find a single game that lists 32 gb as recommended. May I ask where you are getting this information? Ram is not going to fix an issue with a faulty GPU driver.

I use monitoring programs and several games use available memory when it's available

I play Ashes of the Singularity in DX12 mode and the games runs of with the graphics set to medium as my GTX 1060 is only under 4 TFLOPS and it has some limitations to how fast it can render frame

Older games like Left 4 Dead 2 are 32-bit and they use far more memory than you can imagine. I have seen VRAM rise to close to 2 GB at times.


Your example of L4D2 has a minimum requirement of 1gb and suggested at 2gb. Even at 4K ultra wide that game would not use even 3gb of system ram. Again 16gb of system ram is ample for any game player at this point. Nothing wrong with future proofing if you have money to burn, but it likely will have ZERO impact on any games performance. Extra ram does not speed things up unless you already have too little and are paging. Either you need it or you don't.  The only things going to be faster, is maybe faster ram and that would be very minimal, like maybe a 1 to 5 fps average tops. What changes FPS are faster GPU, CPU and Optimized Drivers & Game Engines. For average usage only niche areas such as compute heavy work loads, video editing and similar really ever NEED more system ram. Even Photoshop these days doesn't really benefit much going from 16 to 32. The Navi cards are having growing pains and I can't say where all the blame lies, but the OP replaced a card with card that should literally be over 2x as fast and is getting less than half the performance. My best educated guess is driver issues and the OP should let AMD know about the issue. Hopefully in time (sooner than later I hope) the drivers will get sorted. 

With my old Phenom II box and the GTX 660 Ti, the machine runs games at 1920x1080 fine. I had 12GB of memory installed and this was the main platform that motivated me to bump memory up a tad.

Games with low system requirements like L4D2 are eye opening when they are freed from the confines of a low end machine. Somewhere in my junk box have some antique video cards that can play the source games at 640x480 but I own a 4K panel.

I was playing Wolfenstein 2: the new order when I noticed a friend watching me play. This game is playable at 4K on my GTX 1060 making the artwork look fine. I do see the VRAM usage at over 2GB but my card is only a 3GB version so this is why I am looking at cards with >= 8GB now. 

With 24GB of main memory, I am not worried about it running out fast. The video card is attracting more attention now that I have installed more storage to handle the flood of games. Right now 4TB hard disks are the best bang for the buck. I filled one such disk in only 2 months after installing all of the game I have in steam. Most likely I may need to get a third 4TB disk or perhaps move into 8TB disks and consolidate again.

I do not see any stuttering and I do not see screen tearing or other problems with an old driver, Newer nVidia drivers BSODed my box. EWWWWW.

I get games galore sent to me for review every week so the weekends I spend a lot of time editing the content after getting some time to play them.


Sure when you have fulfilled every possible requirement to the fullest it will run great. Now if you double that power again the game isn't going to run double good. Every game has a maximum of how it is going to perform. You can increase frame rates to crazy high amounts but going beyond what your monitor can display doesn't matter either. Point being if the game doesn't need it, it wont use it and doesn't benefit from more being there. So you are better if you are going to spend more money in pursuit of better frames, maybe invest more in a GPU that works as promised than memory you don't need. 

AFAIK the stuttering I see reported is due to the game rendering that charts show can mislead

A game has to be redrawn in 1/60 of a second in order to have smooth action. Stuttering can be noted when a GPU is saturated.

Go look at the memory for the video card in Windows 10 taskman, it will show the allow allocations


First off you hit the nail on the head, it shows allocations not what is really used.  

I'm fully aware of what task manager shows. I have been an IT professional for 42 years. Again no current game needs more than 16 gig of memory period, and having more memory than needed will not speed up anything. Very few games at this point need more than 8 gb but that number is rapidly rising. Most games about 8gb still don't use more than about 12 gb.  Regardless nothing about memory helps the OP's issue. His issue is a new card with drivers that are not working with the game they want to play. No amount of memory from 1kb to infinity is going to fix that. 

I have 24GB of RAM at the moment and believe me there are times I am glad I have that much. 

I use Blender which can use a lot of memory when a complex scene is loaded. The Valve movie maker is equally brutal.

I also use Avid Composer which loads video into memory for editing which is very fast. Thankfully TV is still no more than 1080i which keeps the RAM required for editing under control. 4K video is much more demanding and now there is a move to 8K.

Games at the moment seem to be more interested in VRAM than main memory. I do not have many DX12 (feature level 12) games yet but that number will rise as time goes by.

Many recent games use DX11 as PS4 and Xbone are using older hardware. The new consoles will bump up gaming with ray tracing so eventually I will need pork out some pesos for a new video card, again.

Adept I

This problem resolved.
I bought RTX2070 Super and now in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 ~ 240-140fps
Radeon is bullsh*t