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Bug Report: OpenGL Application Runs in 4.6 Compatibility Profile Starting in Driver Version 22.7.1

In light of the other myriad of performance/bug reports with OpenGL applications, I may be able to shed some light on an issue that's been ongoing since the 22.7.1 drivers were released.

I have been playing a game called Vintage Story that needs OpenGL 3.3 Core Profile in order to run optimally. In driver version 22.5.1, this works just fine; the game requests that OpenGL version, and it gets it. However, updating drivers to 22.7.1 or newer, the game ends up running in "OpenGL 4.6 Compatibility Profile," and its performance absolutely tanks.

Is there a bug in the part of the driver API that is returning the wrong OpenGL version when a specific version is requested by an application?

For reference, I am running an RX6800m on Windows 10. Note that while the screenshot with the awful frame time graph is from driver version 22.11.2, I have been testing this with each new driver release, and the results are about the same. This includes the latest driver 23.3.1.


22.5.1 Drivers22.5.1 Drivers

22.11.2 Drivers22.11.2 Drivers

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If not too many replies trying opening this thread at AMD Developer's Forum OpenGL/Vulkan by starting here:

Thanks; is there an easy way to crosspost to that part of the forum, or do I just need to copypasta my original post?

you can link this thread or as you mentioned Copy/Paste to the new thread when you open a thread at AMD Developer's Forum.

The Moderator @dipak will then give you access to the OpenGL/Vulkan forum.

Great, thank you for the advice!

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I am also experiencing this issue
Radeon 5700XT
Greatly reduced performance running Vintage story on AMD drivers above 22.6.x