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BUG PLZ FIX: Incorrect color reproduction after fresh install of Driver and on Factory Settings

I have a bug to report, I have sent this before, but this hasn't been added to known issues.
So, I'll do it here.

Driver Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.11.2
(newer driver versions not tested, but as it is not noted in fixed issues in the latest release notes I assume it is not fixed)
Windows Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363
Device: Radeon RX 580 4GB (Sapphire Nitro+ (exact variant unknown and irrelevant))

Upon Installing Drivers, the "Custom Color" setting is enabled by default, this isn't a problem.
By default the color reproduction after the driver install is incorrect.

When disabling and reenabling the "Custom Color" Setting, this issue is fixed.
This likely occurs because by default "Color Temperature Control" is Disabled by the driver settings,
but because the "Color Temperature Control" setting is bound to the "Custom Color" Setting, 
Color Temperature Control enables when Custom Color is turned on, just not by default. 
(Note: When enabling Color Temperature Control, the correct temperature of 6500K is applied)
Also, turning off "Custom Color" fixes this issue as well.
Nevertheless, I believe the "stock" color settings are incorrect.

However, I found searching for how to reproduce the issue, that mimicking the wrong color effect requires more than just changing Color Temperature (or it has nothing to do with it), because mostly red tints are different, i.e. icons and images not containing blue stay the same, suggesting for some weird reason, "Color Temperature Control" (when DISABLED) does NOT only change Color Temperature (which it shouldn't as my custom temperature is 6500K which it should be default but isn't)   but also (or rather) change the red values.

Weirdly enough, disabling "Custom Color" (which temp control is bound to) gives correct color, even though the setting is on by default, and color reproduction is fine, suggesting that the problem is not with "Color Temperature Control" itself, but the combination of "Custom Color" enabled and "Color Temperature Control" disabled.
(But this could also mean "Color Temperature Control" is enabled when "Custom Color" is disabled, eliminating my previous point, I think my previous point is incorrect)


In conclusion: Reported Issues:

1 On factory settings, the Radeon Software has "Color Temperature Control" disabled, while this setting is bound to "Custom Color", which IS enabled, when disabling and reenabling "Custom Color", "Color Temperature Control" is enabled by default, suggesting that either it should stay disabled when toggling "Custom Color" or the factory settings are incorrect.

2 "Color Temperature Control" does not have correct red values when disabled, but does when enabled (6500K).
(Could be Windows is causing problems here, as Color values are not overwritten when it is turned off? idk)

3 Disabling "Custom Color", enables "Color Temperature Control" (in the background bc the setting isn't visible).
Or maybe "Custom Color" enabled in conjunction with "Color Temperature Control" causes problems, but I do not think so.

Thank you for reading this, I hope this gets fixed in the next patch.

PS: What is TKB, and what the heck is the difference between message tags and labels? 



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