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Bug in RAIDXpert2 for some disks ?


I have installed RAIDXpert2 for a 4 mecanical Disks RAID0 and a backup disk on my Windows 10 64, version 1909.

The disks are Seagate IronWolf 6 To, NAS HDD serie, ST6000VN0033, firmware SC60.

I boot in legacy CSM mode with a SSD (6th disk), no problem with it.

The problem is really simple: the mecanical disks managed by RAIDXpert2 don't wake up after a standby mode.

I need to do a rescan (rcadm.exe" -M --rescan) to see my 5 disks, BUT on the right moment, ~20 seconds after the wake up of the machine. Too early, only 1 to 3 disks are visible, and the next rescans are without effect.

A check in windows to discover new hardware is not efficient if some disks are missing.

My machine:

Asus Crosshair VII hero (C7H), bios 3004; AMD 3950x; AMD driver package; RAIDXpert2

All energy saving desactived in power profile (PCIE, AHCI Link Power Management...); ErP desactived in BIOS.

CSM actived but legacy mode disk boots.

In my opinion, the problem comes from the too short delay to reactivate the disks in the AMD Controller driver, or a problem in the Asus BIOS C7H.

Any Idea ?

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